Carnegie Mellon University

McWilliams Fellowship

Thanks to a very generous gift from alumnus Bruce McWilliams (S '78, '78, '81), an endowed fund has been established to provide fellowships to graduate students in the Mellon College of Science studying in an area where Carnegie Mellon has a comparative advantage and where research is at an emerging or critical stage. This fellowship will initially focus on students doing research in the areas of nanotechnology, biophysics or cosmology, with the donors' strong preference for supporting chemistry or physics students.

Year Name Department
2007 Andrea Benvin Chemistry
2007 Sandeep Gaan Physics
2007 Haifeng Gao Chemistry
2008 Kevin Bandura Physics
2008 Helen He Chemistry
2009 Chip Hogg Physics
2009 Renaud Nicolaÿ Chemistry
2010 Tristan Bereau Physics
2010 Rupal Gupta Chemistry
2011 Colin DeGraf Physics
2011 Wenwen Li Chemistry
2012 Udom Sae-Ueng Physics
2012 Mingjiang Zhong Chemistry
2013 Yu Feng Physics
2013 Saumya Saurabh Chemistry
2014 Anindita Das Chemistry
2014 Qin Gao Physics
2017 Site Li Chemistry
2017 Hsiu-Hsien Lin Physics
2019 Sayan Mandal Physics
2020 Yingwei Li Chemistry
2021 Yueying Ni Physics
2023 Nianyi Chen Physics