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Guy C. Berry Graduate Research Award

Ting-Wei Chao

2024 Award Recipient:

Ting-Wei Chao, Department of Mathematical Sciences

Press Release

The Guy C. Berry Graduate Research Award recognizes excellence in research by MCS graduate students. This award was established in 2005.

Guy C. Berry, emeritus university professor of chemistry, is widely recognized as a leader in rheology and light scattering of polymers. Rheology, a branch of mechanics, is the study of those properties of materials that determine their response to mechanical force.

Berry has a long history of outstanding contributions to the literature in experimental fluid physics using mechanical methods and light scattering, as well as in theoretical concepts of the rheology and thermodynamics of complex fluids. His work has advanced the study of important issues in the conformation and dynamics of macromolecules.

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Year Name Department
2005 Sebastian Stoian Chemistry
2006 Mike Williams Physics
2007 Rafael Porto Physics
2008 Haifeng Gao Chemistry
2009 Tristan Bereau Physics
2010 Sonal Shruti Biological Sciences
2011 Huifeng Qian Chemistry
2012 Duff Neill Physics
2013 Mingjiang Zhong Chemistry
2014 Michael Gamalinda Biological Sciences
2015 David Menasche Physics
2016 Shadab Alam Physics
2017 Sebastian Vasey Mathematical Sciences
2018 Mukund Bapna Physics
2019 Sipei Li Chemistry
2020 Christopher Cox Mathematical Sciences
2021 Michael Andrews Physics
2022 Yueying Ni Physics
2023 Xuecong Fu Biological Sciences
2024 Ting-Wei Chao Mathematical Sciences