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Academic advising is an essential component of a Carnegie Mellon University education. The University is committed to providing the individual advice and assistance that students need at every step throughout their degree programs. A successful system of academic advising is highly dependent upon the shared commitment of students, faculty, and staff to the process and the availability of timely, accurate information.


Students are encouraged to seek advice from all possible resources on and off campus in order to get the most out of the undergraduate years. As a BXA student, you have a rich advising network of individuals committed to guiding your unique curricular experience. Please visit your advisors and make sure they know who you are. Your advisors are valuable resources for today and for your future.

BXA STUDENTS are responsible for scheduling, preparing for, and keeping advising appointments; for seeking out contacts and information; and for knowing the basic requirements of their individual degree programs. Students bear the final responsibility for making their own decisions based on the best information and advice available and, ultimately, on their own judgment.

BXA ADVISORS are responsible for developing a thorough knowledge of the degree requirements within the students' program of study and a working knowledge of academic options and resources throughout the University. Advisors are expected to involve students by encouraging them to ask questions, gather information, and explore options so that they may develop a meaningful academic plan. Advisors will be available to students on a regular basis, monitor their advisees' progress, assist in considering career options, and make appropriate referrals to other campus offices.

BHA Advisors | BSA Advisors | BCSA Advisors

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