Carnegie Mellon University

Transcript FAQs

Carnegie Mellon does not produce unofficial transcripts; however, currently enrolled students can produce an Unofficial Academic Record through Student Information Online.

A student's signature is required for release of the academic record; therefore, we are unable to accept phone or email transcript requests.

The HUB does not mail transcripts ordered via walk-in service; all digital and mail orders must be processed through Parchment. Learn more.

Only courses with final grades will show on an official transcript. If this is your first semester, a transcript cannot be produced until final grades are entered.

We are unable to fax transcripts, as the document would no longer be official. For security reasons, we are also unable to send transcripts by email; however, students who attended CMU after 1990 may request a transcript for electronic delivery via PDF.

Students taking Carnegie Mellon courses through the Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education (PCHE) program have their grades recorded at their home schools; therefore, we are unable to provide transcripts for PCHE students from other universities.

We are unable to produce official transcripts from other institutions. If you have received transfer/advanced placement credit from another institution, please contact that institution for an official transcript for those courses (including high school transcripts).

Transcripts are not produced for students in non-credit certificate programs. Those students must contact the department offering the certificate program for proof of completion.

Grading scales cannot be converted on a Carnegie Mellon transcript (i.e., QPA to percentage). A guide to our grading scale is printed on the back of all transcripts. While we do provide overall semester QPA and cumulative QPA, CMU does not provide an "in-major" QPA (i.e., QPA for courses only in your major).

For prior course descriptions, please email University Archives in Hunt Library at

The University Registrar's Office does not provide an apostille. Students requiring an apostille should contact Pennsylvania Department of State at 717-787-5280 or, or visit their website.    

We can notarize your transcript, if needed. To do so, please send all of the following:

  • A signed letter requesting that your transcript be notarized including your contact information
  • Your official transcript (this must be ordered separately)
  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope (we will mail the transcript to the PA Department of State on your behalf)
  • A check or money order made payable to Carnegie Mellon University for $20 USD per copy for notary fee

Upon receipt, your request will be processed within 3-5 business days.

Yes. WES provides instructions explaining how to send your transcript, with various options for different countries. In order to view requirements, enter your country of education as "United States" and the type of education as "Higher Education" on the WES Required Documents webpage. You can refer to the WES website for further instructions.

Recent graduates can log onto Student Information Online (SIO) and navigate to the Graduation and Diploma page. There, you can check your certification status under the Degree Information header. Degrees are usually certified within two weeks of Commencement for May graduates, or by the first day of the next semester for August and December graduates.

If your degree has been certified, you may order your transcript, which contains proof of your conferred degree, directly through the Parchment website.