Carnegie Mellon University

Cross-Registration for Students from Other PCHE Schools

Full-time undergraduate and graduate students attending one of the ten Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education (PCHE) institutions are eligible to cross-register at Carnegie Mellon for one course per semester. Cross-registered students from other PCHE schools will not be charged additional tuition, however, special course or laboratory fees must be paid, if necessary. Cross-registered students do not aquire CMU enrollment status, but do have library and bookstore privileges. Cross-registration applies to the fall and spring semesters only. 

This page contains instructions for submitting a cross-registration request form, information about form processing and registration timelines, and resources for approved PCHE students. 


Instructions for Cross-Registration at CMU

Submit Cross-Registration Form

  1. Submit the PCHE Cross-Registration (pdf) form to your home institution prior to the first day of classes at CMU (i.e. Pitt students should submit PCHE forms to the University of Pittsburgh Registrar's Office prior to the start of the semester at Carnegie Mellon).
    1. On your PCHE form, be sure to include the following required information: Course number, title, section and units/credits, as well as home advisor, home dean (University of Pittsburgh only) and home registrar signature. If any of this information is missing, the form will be returned to the home institution or the Carnegie Mellon University Registrar's Office may contact you for additional information.
  2. If you are enrolled in a joint program between CMU and your home institution, choose  “Yes” from the drop down box that asks if you are in a joint program. Please include the name of the program in the “Joint Program” section on the cross-registration form when submitting to your home registrar’s office. Students enrolled in an approved joint program are exempt from the requirement of being full-time at either institution and may request more than one course. Computational Biology, the Center for Neural Basis of Cognition, Music Education and ROTC are the only approved joint programs.
  3. If you wish to take more than one course and are not in a joint program, you must get a letter of approval from your home dean, and this letter must accompany the cross-registration form submitted to your home registrar’s office.

Await Approval & Course Availability Confirmation

  1. If your desired course is available and your PCHE petition is approved, the CMU Registrar's Office will register you. Please note that form processing typically takes 5-10 business days, and the Registrar's Office receives a high volume of forms at the beginning of the semester. This means that approved PCHE students may not be registered until CMU's add/drop deadline
    1. If the course does not have a waitlist, our office will register you and send out a confirmation email. We will also notify your home institution. If the course does not appear on the home institution schedule, please contact your home institution registrar’s office for resolution. 
    2. If the course requires special permission, the CMU Registrar’s Office will ask that you contact the CMU instructor or department. The CMU instructor or department must email the CMU Registrar’s Office granting approval for you to be registered.  Please note: cross-registered students are not permitted to take Independent Study courses, unless they have written permission from the instructor or department.  This written permission should be included when submitting the cross-registration form to the home institution.
    3. If the course has a waitlist or is full, the CMU Registrar's Office will notify you that the course requested is not available. We will also notify your home institution. Cross-registration applicants will not be added to the waitlist and thus will not be permitted to attend the class.  In addition, if you obtain permission from the instructor, but the course is full or has a waitlist, your cross-registration request will still be denied.  You will not be permitted to access a course through auditing if the course is full or has a waitlist.

Resources for Approved PCHE Students

This section contains general enrollment and finance information for approved PCHE students. 


Your Andrew ID is a username granting you access to email and other web applications. It is the first part of your email address (so if your email address is, your Andrew ID would be acarnegie).

Instructions for obtaining your Andrew ID and creating your password will be emailed to you if you are registered for a course.  After you set up your Andrew ID, you will be able to access your CMU email and other accounts.

If you need to access a specific academic building that requires an ID card for entry, you may be issued a building access card. All building access card questions should be directed to The HUB

Please note that cross-registered students do not receive CMU ID cards, and do not have access to Port Authority Transit or other services which require an ID card.

Canvas is CMU's course management system, where faculty post syllabi, assignments, and more. Unless you have already obtained your Andrew ID, it may take up to two weeks to gain access to Canvas. You may also want to inform the professor and request to be manually enrolled on the Canvas site. Course information on Canvas is typically released closer to the start of classes. Questions about Canvas should be directed to or 412-268-9090.  

Helpful guides and resources for remote learning are available on the Student Academic Success Center's Online Learning Guidance webpage.

Tips for viewing course modes in Student Information Online (SIO) are available on The HUB Course Modality webpage.

Questions about course meeting times and access to links to remote coursework should be addressed to your instructors. 

If you wish to drop or withdraw from your cross-registered course, please complete the PCHE Cross Registration Drop/Withdrawal (pdf) form and email it to for processing. It is important to adhere to the drop deadlines set forth by CMU academic calendar when submitting your form. CMU will notify you and your home institution once the form is processed. 

If you wish to audit, you must be registered for the course. Submit the Course Audit Approval (pdf) form to the University Registrar's Office within the first 10 days of class. Indicate the college and department as XRG. The form must be signed by the course instructor. The CMU Registrar’s Office will sign as the student advisor and home dean.  Forms may be e-mailed to

If you wish to take a course pass/no pass, you must be registered for the course. Submit a Pass/No Pass Approval (pdf) form to the University Registrar's Office within the first 6 weeks of class. Indicate the college and department as XRG. The CMU Registrar’s Office will sign as the student advisor and department head. Forms may be e-mailed to

The Carnegie Mellon University Registrar's Office will report final grades to the appropriate office of your home institution after the Carnegie Mellon final grade submission deadline. PCHE institutions do not report mid-term grades.

Typically, PCHE students are not charged additional tuition under the PCHE agreement. However, some courses do charge extra fees which are not covered under the PCHE agreement and which you will be responsible for paying.