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May 2021 Diploma Deadlines

This page contains important deadlines for May 2021 graduates, including instructions for checking their diploma names and degree information and steps for providing a delivery address where their diplomas may be shipped within their Student Information Online (SIO) Graduation and Diploma screen. 

Information for August 2021 expected graduates is available on the August Diploma Deadlines webpage. 

You do not need to fill out this field within SIO in order to participate in commencement exercises.

If you are planning to attend the in-person commencement ceremony, you are required to register via the registration link provided to the Class of 2021 via email by April 23. Visit for information.

Students participating in the in-person commencement ceremonies should order their cap and gown by April 30 to ensure they receive their preferred size.

Graduates are encouraged to purchase commencement regalia online.

For more information about regalia, visit

Be sure to check your student account balance within SIO to ensure that your account is paid in full  by May 15 (this includes sponsored students). Please pay any remaining student account balances to ensure the timely delivery of your diploma.

For questions concering your student account, send email to The HUB at

Navigate to the SIO Graduation and Diploma page under the Academic Info tab, and click the Edit button under Diploma Information to change how your name will appear on your diploma and in the Commencement Program. 

  • Provide the exact spelling of your name for your diploma (case-sensitive)
  • If your name includes characters that cannot be entered into SIO, email an image of how your name should be printed to
  • Once the May 26 deadline passes, the name entered into SIO will be the name that is printed on your diploma and in the Commencement Program 

Information under this section needs to be updated by your department (or the department offering your additional major/minor). If any of this information is incorrect, contact your academic advisor or the advisor of the major/minor in question.

May diplomas will be mailed in mid-to-late July and diploma delivery addresses should be finalized by June 4. Pick-up on campus will not be available.

Please provide an address where your diploma can be shipped on the SIO Graduation and Diploma page by June 4. If your address changes after the deadline, please contact

Important: The mailing address on your Graduation and Diploma page is separate from the permanent address listed under the My Info tab, and updating one does not update the other. It is important to update your address in the correct location so that we know where to send your diploma. 

  • We will mail diplomas to domestic and international addresses
  • We are not able to mail diplomas to departmental addresses, SMC boxes, or P.O. boxes
  • We encourage you to use a residential address
  • A phone number and postal code are required
    • If you will be using an international address, please provide an international phone number
    • If your home country does not use postal codes, please enter a "0"
  • If your home address is outside of the U.S. and you are worried about your diploma reaching you, or are concerned that you may not be able to receive large packages, you may provide the address of a trusted friend or relative who can receive your diploma and forward it with tracking
  • If you do not know what your address wil be:
    • Once you know your address, please contact
    • We will not order your diploma until an address is provided

You can see how your diploma will look by checking out the prototype on the SIO Graduation and Diploma page.

Note: The prototype is not an official document and may not be used as proof of your degree. 

Diploma Mailing

In mid-July, May diplomas will be mailed via FedEx to the address you provided this spring. 

When diplomas ship, you will receive a message in your Andrew account from FedEx containing a tracking code and the expected diploma delivery date. Graduates should monitor their tracking codes carefully in case of any delivery delays.

If the diploma does not arrive by the delivery date specified in the email from FedEx, graduates should reach out to

Diploma Mailing FAQs

When will my diploma ship?
Your diploma will ship in mid-July. When your diploma ships, you will receive an email from FedEx containing a tracking code and your diploma’s expected delivery date.

How long will it take for my diploma to arrive once it ships?
Your diploma should arrive within three business days, provided there are no delivery delays.

Can I track my diploma?
Yes. When your diploma ships, you will receive a message from FedEx in your Andrew account containing your diploma’s expected delivery date and a tracking code. We recommend monitoring this code closely in case of any delivery delays.

I don’t see an email from FedEx in my inbox—what should I do?
If you have not received an email from FedEx by July 19, check your spam folder. If the message is not in your spam folder, contact

What should I do if I have not received my diploma by the specified delivery date?
If you do not receive your diploma by the delivery date specified in the email from FedEx, contact as soon as possible so that we can contact FedEx on your behalf.