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Benefits FAQs

Beneficiary designations are not managed in Workday. You can update your beneficiaries at any time through the vendor.

The error you are seeing on the "adding a dependent" screen is a result of selecting "Yes" to the "Use this new dependent as a beneficiary?" prompt on the previous screen. Workday does not maintain beneficiary designations. Rather, these are maintained by the vendor. Selecting "Yes" to the beneficiary prompt will cause the relationship field to become disabled on the "add my dependent from enrollment" step. 

Locate the benefit enrollment event in your Workday inbox and proceed by adding your dependent. Then answer "No" to the beneficiary question which is prompted next. If this does not resolve the problem, please contact the HR Service Center for assistance. 

From your home screen, select the “Benefits” button. Under "View," select “Benefit Elections” or “Benefit Elections as of Date” to view your elections.

New employees must enroll in health and welfare benefits within 30 days of your benefit event date. If you do not elect health and welfare benefits within 30 days of your benefit event date, you will be automatically enrolled in the default plan. Your choices will be effective for the remainder of the calendar year, unless you experience a qualified life or family status change. For more information, visit the Health and Welfare Benefits page on the Human Resources website.

You can elect to contribute or change your retirement savings plan elections once per month. CMU contributions are automatic when you are eligible. For more information, visit the Retirement Savings page of the Human Resources website.  

On your Workday home page, select the Benefits worklet. Under the "Change" section, select "Benefits." On the "Change Benefits" page, you will be prompted to select your Benefit Event Type and date. Supporting documentation is required for all life events. For additional guidance please refer to the Change Benefits Elections Quick Guide [pdf]. For more information on benefits programs and policies, visit the Benefits section of the Human Resources website.
Visit the Life and Family Status Changes page on the Human Resources Website for more information on qualifying life and family status changes.
You will continue to be enrolled in your current coverage and will not be permitted to make changes or add dependents until the next Open Enrollment period.
The benefit effective date is the first day of the month for those hired on the first day of the month. For those hired on the second day of the month or later, the benefit effective date is the first day of the following month. Employees can check when coverage begins in Workday under Benefits Elections. 
If you elect medical benefit coverage through Carnegie Mellon University to cover an individual(s), you must select a prescription benefit plan to cover the same individual(s). If you opt out of medical benefit coverage, you cannot enroll in prescription coverage separately.