Carnegie Mellon University

Facilities Management Services plays an integral role in how Carnegie Mellon sets and achieves goals for sustainability. For more information about our sustainability practices, contact: 

Deborah Steinberg
Green Practices and Sustainability Manager


Sustainability Services We Provide for Free

Install radiator automatic control valves to regulate the heat from your radiator.

Install light occupancy sensors to turn off the lights automatically.

Provide recycling bins, stations or labels to improve our recycling infrastructure.

Provide thermometers and light switch stickers ("Turn off the Lights!")

Office paper clean out – Place a service request for an office clean out, and a 95-gallon bin (or as many as needed) will be delivered by Custodial Services for your office paper, journals and books.

Refrigerant reclamation and scrap metal recycling – Place a service request for your AC unit or refrigerator to be picked up and recycled properly. Scrap metal can be picked up and taken to the scrap dumpster. (A small fee is charged for these services.)

Facilities leadership in sustainable practices – We organize competitions and document campus sustainability, including Recycle Mania, energy contests, AASHE STARS, Bike Friendly University and Tree Campus USA.

Provide environmental language in facilities service contracts, including custodial, waste, recycling, carpet recycling and purchasing contracts (e.g., paper products, low-VOC paints).

Integrated pest management program since 1990.

Utility purchases and electricity curtailment events; energy and lighting efficiency upgrades.

Recycling collection and infrastructure – Stadium recycling, solar compactors, wood pallets, paper, bottles and cans, cardboard, scrap metal, food and plant materials.

Annual green house gas inventory

Since the establishment of the Green Practices Committee in 1998, Facilities Management Services has provided leadership on the committee. Read more about Green Practices at Carnegie Mellon.

Our Green Team 

The Facilities Management Services Green Team helps the our department work on sustainability initiatives internal to our operations. Initiatives include recycling wood pallets, printing less paper and doing a better job of recycling.

Sustainability Recommendations from Our Shops

Carpenters, AC and auto mechanics, drivers, laborers, gardeners, plumbers, steam fitters and electricians.