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Warehouse Services

Storage for CMU Departments

The university's central storage facility has extra shelf space to store items for CMU departments. Items should be prepared and delivered to the warehouse. Stored items should be placed on a pallet and must fit into a shelf space measuring 48” long x 48” wide x 63” tall. The rate for each pallet is $16.98 per month. If items need to be picked up, please submit a service request for an administrative or academic building. Pickup fees will be charged at current truck driver hourly rates. CMU's School of Drama also has dedicated space at the warehouse separate from our central receiving area -- for Drama-related item storage, please contact the School of Drama directly.

Specialty Freight Shipping

Specialty freight shipping services are available for palletized items through the XPO logistics company. The freight is billed by weight, and invoices are issued one month after the shipment. Payment must be made using department Oracle charge codes. Work orders are required for pickup of pallets to be shipped. To make a request, submit a service request for an administrative or academic building, and then email your work order information to Regular mailing and small packages should be shipped through CMU's Postal Services

Pickup and Removal Services

We also offer bale pickup and recycled pallet pickup services. To request removal of these items, please submit a service request for an administrative or academic building, and then email your work order information to Pickup fees will be charged at current truck driver hourly rates

Sensitive Document Destruction

Bulk document shredding is available through Gateway recycling for documents stored in 25 or more banker boxes. Boxes must be neatly stacked, waist high, on a pallet. Please submit a service request for an administrative or academic building to have the pallets picked up and brought to the warehouse.

Custodial Supplies

We have the following custodial supplies available for purchase:

Item #



ROLL, Matting 6" x 60 yard Black Heritage - sold by roll


RAG, Terry 24"x24" 10 lb Box p/n #324 - sold by case


BAG, 33"x44" 2.0 mil Black Liner - sold by case


BAG, 33"x44" 2.0 mil Clear Liner - sold by case


BAG, 36"x44" 2.5 mil Clear Box Liner - sold by case


BAG, 36"x44" 2.0 mil Black Box Liner - sold by case


BAG, 42"x47" 1.3 mil Black Liner, Large - sold by case


CUP, 8 oz Hot/Cold Paper Cups - sold by case


BAG, 24"x33" 0.4 mil Black Liner, Small - sold by case


BAG, 30"x36" 0.7 mil Black Liner, Medium - sold by case


SANITIZER, Hand p/n KC 91590-20 - sold by each


SOAP, Anti Bacterial p/n KC 91552 - sold by each


SOAP, Auto Dispense p/n KC 91592 - sold by each


SOAP, Body Shampoo KC #91557


TISSUE, Kleenex - sold by case


TISSUE, BATHROOM, Scott Jumbo Roll p/n 7723


TISSUE, BATHROOM, Cottonelle 2 Ply p/n 17713 - sold by case


TISSUE, BATHROOM, Cottonelle Ex Soft Jumbo p/n 07304 - sold by case


TOWEL, Scott Roll White p/n 01040 - sold by case


TOWEL, Kleenex Auto Roll White p/n 50606 - Sold by case


TOWEL, Scott C-Fold White p/n 01510 - sold by case


TOWEL, Scott Single Fold White p/n 01700 - sold by case


TAMPON, Tampax - sold by case


BAG, Waxed Disposable Liners for Sanitary Napkins p/n KL260 - sold by case


NAPKIN, Maxithins Sanitary p/n MT-4 - sold by case


BOX Liberty Banker File Storage Box - sold by each


BOX, 15"x12"x10" - sold by each


BOX, Double Wall 18"x12"x12" 1.5 cu ft. - sold by each


BOX,18"x18"x18" 3.5 cu ft. - sold by each


BOX, 20"x20"x20" 4.6 cu ft. - sold by each


BOX, 24"x13"x31" - sold by each


BOX, Double Wall 24"x15"x12" - sold by each

To order custodial supplies, please submit a service request for an administrative or academic building, then a Central Receiving Order Form to help us process your custodial supplies order for delivery.

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