Carnegie Mellon University

Rates and Estimates

Facilities Management Services crews handle the following services: plumbing and sewer repair, electric, gas, steam, heating and chilled water distribution, preventive maintenance, routine and emergency repairs, replacements, smaller-scale renovations and new installations, carpentry, access control, keys, locks, masonry, plastering and painting, re-lamping, heating, cooling, lighting fixtures, power wiring, landscaping, lawn care, leaf, litter and snow removal, furniture moving and setups. Learn more about who pays for repairs to see which costs are covered by Facilities Management Services and which are covered by the customer. 

Our hourly labor rates* for FY24 (July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024) are:

Crafts $90.80
Truck Drivers & Gardeners $76.08
Life Safety $94.11
Laborers $69.22

*Overtime rate is equal to 1.10x the regular hourly rate.

  • A 6% management fee is applied to all external contractor invoices managed by Facilities Management Services.

Project Estimates

If you would like a cost estimate for your project, please ask for it in your service request. A facilities supervisor will determine the lowest reasonable cost for time and materials to complete the work described in the request. That estimate will be listed on the proposal as the "Estimate" amount. Please note that the actual cost of the work may end up being higher than the estimated amount.

The supervisor will also list a "Fixed Price" for the specific scope of work. For some projects, it may save costs to accept an overall fixed price instead of paying by the hour. The scope of work is based on the evaluation and specifications of the desired work provided by the requestor. The fixed price provided will include a contingency amount over the base estimate that should cover the cost of the work if there are unforeseen conditions within the scope of work as it is performed. There will not be additional charges to the customer if the final labor and materials for the described work exceed the fixed price.  There will be, however, additional charges if there are changes to the previously outlined scope of work.

Once the estimate proposal is sent, the requestor has 60 days to accept or decline the proposal. A reminder will be sent after 30 days, if needed. Once the expiration date passes, the proposal will be closed. In that case, a new service request should be made if the work is still needed, and the project could be subject to possible changes in price.