Carnegie Mellon University

University Commitments

Leading the way. Setting the Standard.

Carnegie Mellon is committed to environmental research and education and we are equally committed to adopting sustainable practices that will reduce the operational footprint of our campuses. In public confirmation of our commitment, we have signed on to the ISCN-GULF Charter and pledged to incorporate the Charter principles of sustainability into our University-wide strategic plan. The principles of the Charter include:

1)  Demonstrate the respect for nature and society, sustainability considerations is an integral part of planning, construction, renovation, and operation of buildings on campus.

  • We have committed to supplying all new buildings that are following the LEED guidelines to be served with 100% green power.
  • Currently our campus has 668,910 sq ft LEED Certified space or aproximately 15% of total campus space and 62,803 sq ft of green roof space.

2)  Ensure long-term sustainable campus development, campus-wide master planning and target-setting should include environmental and social goals.

  • We pledge to incorporate sustainable principles in the 2012 master plan.
  • We will continue to reduce GHG generated from university business, faculty, staff and student travel.

3)  Align the organization's core mission with sustainable development, facilities, research, and education should be linked to create a "living laboratory" for sustainability.

  • Students are engaged to learn about current environmental topics & issues through both formal and informal education. Areas include waste management, recycling, energy & water, transportation, consumption, etc
  • We have pledged to increase the number and quality of sustainability focused courses and sustainability focused degree programs, including degrees in environment and sustainability studies.