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2024 Campus Race to Zero Waste (CR2ZW)
January 28, to March 23, 2024
Over an 8-week period, CMU tracks the weights of how much we throw out, how much food we donate, and how much we recycle and compost. We also host weekly workshops and events, all with the goal of increasing our diversion and recycling rates throughout the competition! Visit the CR2ZW page for details or follow the @CMUGreenPractices Instagram page for updates. Remaining events below:

Trash Talk Thursday: Root to Stem Cooking Demo
February 29, 2024 @11am - 1pm
Cohon University Center, Wean Commons
Join Chartwells@CMU as they showcase root-to-stem cooking with a vegetable sirt-fry with pesto and scratch-made veggie stock. Learn how to make delicious food from the trim waste (stems, leaves, etc) that you usually throw out. Drop by for recipes and free samples.

Waste Time with @CMUGreenPractices 
March 4-8, 2024 at various times
On the @CMUGreenPractices Instagram page
Follow along for daily trivia challenges and information about campus waste reduction!

Scrap-A-Thon Kick-off and Build
March 14-18, 2024 
The Scrap-a-Thon event is a modified make-a-thon where all the provided materials are scavenged from the different Maker Spaces across campus. Teams of 3-5 will create something using only scraps. The competition begins on March 14 and building continues through the weekend. Register here

Scrap-A-Thon Showcase and Judging
March 18, 2024 6-7pm
Sustainability Studio, first floor of Hunt Library
Join us to view the projects resulting from the Scrap-A-Thon and hear the winners announced. 

CUC Waste Audit
March 21, 2024 from 9am-6pm
Merson Courtyard
CMU Green Practices has partnered with the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) to conduct a waste audit of 24 hours of waste thrown out in the CUC. A waste audit provides us insight into what is in our trash and how successful we are at choosing the correct waste stream bin. 

We're looking for volunteers! Volunteers will assist PRC staff with sorting the waste into various categories including recycling, food waste, plastics, etc. This is a fun and eye-opening experience! Sign up here