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About the Green Practices Committee

The Green Practices Committee (GPC) strives to develop university practices that improve environmental quality, decrease waste, and conserve natural resources and energy, thereby establishing Carnegie Mellon as a practical model for other universities and organizations.

The GPC, originally called the Environmental Practices Committee, was charged in April 1999 by the CMU President to develop a plan for an expanded environmental practices program on campus. The group identified areas of opportunity through study of the current state of environmental practices on campus, initiatives at other college campuses, and discussions with various Carnegie Mellon groups. Sustainability is now integrated into many campus practices, and the GPC provides a means for discussing and identifying new opportunities as well as sharing challenges and best practices amongst colleagues. 

The GPC is open to all CMU faculty, staff, and students who are interested in campus environmental sustainability efforts. To get involved, please fill out our interest form or contact with questions.