Carnegie Mellon University

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification

The university has committed to adopting the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating system for all new construction and significant renovations. LEED provides a framework for healthy, efficient, carbon- and cost-saving green buildings, and LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement. All of our projects are designed and constructed to meet the current version of the LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations (LEED-NC) or LEED for Commercial Interiors (LEED-CI) standardCMU has established the goal of achieving a minimum of a LEED “Silver” rating.  

Less-extensive campus renovations will use the LEED-CI rating system as applicable to their defined scope of work. For example, a project that is exclusively painting might only be eligible for a single LEED point under the Low-Emitting Materials, Paints and Coatings section of the LEED-CI rating system and would be expected to meet the requirements for that point. As the scope of a project broadens, additional sections of LEED-CI would apply.

pittsburgh 2030 goals logoPittsburgh 2030 District

The University is committed to the Pittsburgh 2030 District Goals by publishing building performance data and using the stretch goals for energy, water, air quality and transportation. 

LEED Certified Gold Buildings



Hall of the Arts & Posner Hall 2023 CI 4.0 153,101
Fifth and Clyde Residence Hall 2022 NC 4.0 98,000
Ansys Hall 2021 NC 3.0 36,000

Mill 19 Building A CMU Fit-out

2021 CI 4.0 59,100
TCS Hall 2021 NC 3.0 90,000
Tepper Quad 2019 NC 3.0 315,000
4721 Fifth Avenue 2019 NC 3.0  24,000
Hamerschlag Maker Wing 2019 CI 3.0 32,500
Scott Hall 2017  NC 3.0 107,000
Hamburg Auditorium 2017  NC 3.0 3,400
Gates and Hillman Centers 2011  NC 2.1 208,000
GSIA West Entry Addition 2010  CI 2.0 5,000
Carnegie Mellon Cafe (Resnik) 2008  CI 2.0 9,400
Mehrabian Collaborative Innovation Center 2005 CS 1.0 136,000

LEED Certified Silver Buildings

Building Year Certified Leed Version Square Footage
Mellon Institute Imaging Facility 2021 CI 3.0 8,500

Cohon University Center Addition

2018 NC 3.0 68,000
Doherty Hall Renovation MSE 2015 CI 3.0 11,000
GSIA First Floor 2013 CI 2,0 7,800
Mellon Institute Renovations 2012 CI 2.0 12,000
Doherty Hall Phase II 2010 CI 2.0 91,200
Porter Hall 100 2009 CI 2,0 6,800
407 South Craig Street 2007 NC 2.1 12,000
300 South Craig Street 2007 NC 2.1 68,000
Henderson House 2004 NC 2.0 15,770
Stever House 2003 NC 2.0 71,140

LEED Certified

Building Year Certified Leed Version Square Footage
Posner Center 2005 NC 2.1 11,400

LEED Registered in Progress

Building Leed Version
Robotics Innovation Center at Hazelwood Green NC 4.0
Scaife Hall NC 4.0
Highmark Center for Health, Wellness and Athletics NC 4.0
Forbes and Beeler Residence Hall NC 4.0