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SPSS is a statistical software package specialized for research in the fields of Humanities and Business. SPSS Base provides you with a broad range of features for the entire statistical analysis process. It includes high quality tabular and graphical output, a variety of reporting methods, and an easy to use interface.

Advanced Models provide a set of univariate and multivariate analytical techniques, including: generalized linear models, generalized estimating equations, general linear models, and linear mixed models. Regression Models offer a wide range of non-linear modeling procedures, including: multinominal logistic regression, binary logistic regression, nonlinear regression, constrained nonlinear regression, and probit analysis.

SPSS Licensing Information

  • Campuses covered by this license:  Campuses located in Pittsburgh
  • License holder: Computing Services
  • Available for: Windows and Mac
  • Who can install it: Faculty and Staff may install on university owned/leased equipment. Students may use the software at faculty/staff member request; and may only install the software on university owned equipment.
  • Cost: $110, renewed annually on anniversary of first request.
  • License code required: Yes, it is provided in the email that is received after the software is purchased or renewed.
  • Restrictions: Use for academic, non-commercial purposes only.
  • Individual use rights upon termination of affiliation: All copies must be deleted upon termination of affiliation with Carnegie Mellon University.


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