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Software included on the following list is:

  • licensed for use on campus by Computing Services or another division or department
    - or -
  • freeware for which we maintain a download link

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all software available on campus. Our campus software licenses do not include Sponsored Account holders, Pre-College, SAMS or CMAP students.

Availability Definitions

  • Download - Download available; click the link in the "Download" column.
  • Clusters - The application is available in the public clusters. Note that the list on this page DOES NOT include all of the software that is available in public clusters. For a complete list of cluster software, visit the Cluster Software web page.
  • Remote Access - The application is available remotely by using one of a number of different clients. Click the link in the "Remote Access" column to visit the Remote Software Access page for details.
  • Departmental Request - Workstation licenses are available for departments ONLY. Departments who wish to purchase this software should email


Software Application
(links to software site or description)
Availability License Holder
  download clusters virtual access departments  
Autodesk 3DS Max
X X Computing Services 
Adams MD X
Acrobat Pro (Adobe)
X Computing Services 
After Effects Pro (Adobe) X Computing Services 
Alice X X Free
Allegro Common Lisp X SCS
Analytica  X Computing Services 
Android NDK X X  
Android SDK X X  
Apple Developer Tools X
Archibus X Heinz
ArcGIS X X Heinz
ArcView X X Heinz
Arduino X Free
Arduino for Fun With Robots X  
Atmel Studio X X
Audacity X X
Audition (Adobe) X     Computing Services 
AutoCAD X X X Computing Services 
Autodesk Inventor X X Computing Services  
Autodesk Inventor Fusion X X   Computing Services  
Autodesk Inventor Publisher X     Donated
Autodesk Showcase X X    
Autodesk Simulation Multiphysics X X X Computing Services  
Autodesk Sketchbook Designer X X X Computing Services  
Autodesk Vasari2 X Computing Services  
BBEdit X
Blender X X X
Bridge (Adobe) X Computing Services  
CamCam X X  
Camtasia X  
ChemSketch X X
Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client X Computing Services 
Cisco Jabber Client X Computing Services
Citrix X
Creo Suite X X ECE
DNA Master X X
DreamSpark (Microsoft) X X Computing Services 
Dreamweaver MX (Adobe)  X Computing Services 
Eagle Layout X
Eclipse X X
Eclipse Helios X X
Eclipse Kepler X X  
Ecotect (Autodesk)
X Computing Services  
Emacs X X
Encore   X  
Fetch X X Computing Services  
Final Cut X X Computing Services  
Finale X
Fireworks (Adobe) X Computing Services  
Flash (Adobe)
X Computing Services  
Garage Band (iLife)   X Computing Services
GSview X X
Gimp X  
Grand Perspective X
Handbrake   X
Identity Finder  X Computing Services 
iDVD (iLife)
X X Computing Services 
Illustrator (Adobe)
X Computing Services 
Image J
iMovie HD (iLife) X* X Computing Services
IMSL X Computing Services 
InDesign (Adobe)
X Computing Services  
Inkscape   X  
iPhoto (iLife) X X Computing Services
iTunes X X
iWeb (iLife)
X X Computing Services
iWork X Computing Services
Java JDK   X X
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) X X X
Kerberos Computing Services
Linux Operating System X  
Logic Pro X Computing Services
Lyx 2.0.5 X X
Mac OS X Operating System X Computing Services
MacTeX X
Malwarebytes X
X X X Computing Services 
MathCAD X Computing Services 
Mathematica for Faculty & Staff
X X X Computing Services 
Mathematica for Students X X Computing Services  
Matlab X X X Computing Services  
Maya (Autodesk) X X
MAX/MSP/Jitter X X
MD Adams X
Microsoft Core Server Platform X Computing Services
Microsoft .NET Framework X X Computing Services
Microsoft Expression Studio X X Computing Services 

Microsoft Office: Windows**

X Computing Services 

Microsoft Office: Mac**

X Computing Services 
Microsoft Project X X Computing Services 
Microsoft SQL Server X Computing Services
Microsoft Visio X X Computing Services 
Microsoft Visual Studio X X Computing Services 
MikTeX X X
Minitab  X X X Computing Services  
Mudbox (Autodesk) X  
Netbeans X  
Notepad++ X X
Nyquist X
ORA     X  
Perl X
Photoshop (Adobe) X Computing Services 
Pine Computing Services 
Prelude X Computing Services 
Premiere (Adobe) X Computing Services 
Processing 1.5.1 and 2.0b7 X X
Project (Microsoft) X
PTC Creo 3   X CIT
Public Printer Installers X X
Pure Data X X
Python X X
R with RStudio X X  
Red Hat Linux X X
Revit (Autodesk) X X Computing Services 
Rhino X Computing Services 
RobotStudio X
SAS X X X Computing Services 
SolidWorks X X CIT
S-PLUS X Computing Services  
SpeedGrade   X      
X X Computing Services 
SSH Tectia Client X X Computing Services 
Starry Night   X  
Symantec Endpoint Protection X Computing Services  
Syphon X  
Terminal (native to Mac)
TeXmaker X X
Visual Studio X
VLC Player (VideoLAN) X X
VMware X X Computing Services 
VMware View X Computing Services 
Wave Editor X

Windows Operating System**

X X Computing Services 

X-Win 32**

X X   Computing Services  
Xcode   X   Free

**Available from the Computer Store (with a media fee).