Carnegie Mellon University


This catalog includes software products that have been licensed for use by university affiliates. We recommend that you download titles that are licensed for use on your personal or university-owned computer. Use Virtual Andrew when software is not available for download or cannot be run on your computer due to hardware limitations. See the table of available software below to determine the best way to access the software you need. 

IMPORTANT: DSP customers should install software using the Software Center.


Software Title Download Computer Lab Virtual Andrew Linux
and Labs)
Windows Mac General
Design* Engineering
and Science (DES)
7zip   x x
ACDLabs ChemSketch   x x
ActivePerl   x x  
Adium x
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC x x x x
Adobe Creative Cloud x x x x x
Adobe Reader DC   x  
Adobe Spark x x x
AirMedia (Crestron) x      
Alice 3   x x x  
Allegro Common Lisp x     x  
Analytica x      
ANSYS x x x  
ANSYS Granta Edupack x x
ANSYS Lumerical x x
ArcGIS Pro   x x  
Arduino   x x x x  
Atlassian x
Atom x
Audacity x x x x
Autodesk 3ds Max  x x x  
Autodesk AutoCAD  x x x  
Autodesk Inventor Professional  x x x  
Autodesk Maya  x x x x  
Autodesk Mudbox  x x x x  
Autodesk Inventor Nastran   x x  
Autodesk Revit  x x x  
Autodesk Varari2     x
Avid Pro Tools CFA
Blender   x x x x x
Campus Printing x x x x Labs  
Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client x      
Cisco Jabber Client x      
Citrix Workspace x      
Code42 CrashPlan x      
Compressor x
Concord   x x  
CMake x x
Cura   x x  
DaVinci Resolve x
ddd x
dejagnu x
DNA Master   x x  


Eclipse   x x x x  
Emacs   x x x x  
Emerald Cloud Lab (ECL) x
ESET Endpoint Security x      
FastX   x x  
Fetch x x    
Final Cut Pro x
Finale CFA
Firefox   x x x x
Fritzing x x
Garage Band x
GCC x x
gfortran x
ghc x
GIMP x x x x
GitHub Desktop x


Go x
Google Chrome   x x x  
Google Workspace for Education x x x x
Grand Perspective x




GSView 5   x x  
Handbrake x x
IBM SPSS x x x x
IceVM x
Identity Finder x      
ImageJ   x x x x  
iMovie x
IMSL       x
Inkscape   x x x x  
Java JDK   x x x x  
Java JRE x x x x x  
Jmol   x x x  
Keynote x
LabArchives x
Libreoffice x
LightSIDE   x x  
Logic CFA
LyX   x x x x  
macOS x
MacTeX x
Maple x x x x x  
MathCAD       x
Mathematica x x x x x  
Matlab x x x x x  
Max 8 x x x  
Mendeley Desktop   x x x  
MeshLab x
Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching x      
Microsoft Core Server Platform x      
Microsoft Office x x x x  
Microsoft SQL Server x      
Minitab x x x  
mlton x
mono x
Motion x
MyApps (Citrix) x      
Netbeans x
Netica   x x  
NetLogo x
Numbers x
NVDA x x
NyquistIDE x
Ocaml x


Open Science Framework x
p5 x
Pages x
ParaView   x x  
Pd   x x x x  
Pidgin x
Praat x
Preform   x x
Processing   x x x x x
PuTTY   x x  
PyCharm CE x
Pymol x
Python   x x x  
Pyzo   x x x  
Qualtrics CoreXM Survey Platform x
R   x x x x  
Redhat Linux x    
Vray for Rhino
  x x  
RobotStudio x      
RStudio   x x x  
ruby x
SAS 9.4 x x x x x
SAS On Demand for Academics x  x x  
Screenflick CFA
scribe x
SimaPro   x x  
smlnj x
SolidWorks x x x    
Solstice x
S-PLUS x      
SSH Tectia x      
Symantec Uninstall (Mac) x      
Texmaker   x x x x  
TheUnarchiver x
Totem x
think-cell x      
Unity   x x x  
VisIt   x x  
VLC   x x x x  
VMWare Software Downloads x     x
VMware Horizon Client (for Virtual Andrew) x    
Visual Studio Code x x x
Weka   x x x x
WinAVR   x x x
Windows Defender x
Windows OS x      
Wolfram Alpha Pro x      
XChat x
Xcode x
Xemacs x
X-Win32 2014 x x x  
ZBrush x x x
Zoom x      

*Includes General Use software PLUS titles in this column.