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Minitab is general purpose statistical and graphical analysis software for Windows. 

System Requirements

Operating System




Windows 11, 10  (64-bit) 270 MB 8/24/22
2022 License 21 1 KB 8/24/22

Install Minitab

  1. Download and save the license file and the Minitab installer file to your computer.
  2. Extract the license file (minitab.lic) downloaded in step 1.
  3. Double-click the installer to start the installation.
  4. Select Activate with a license on the How do you want to activate the software? screen.
  5. Select File on the Select a licensing method screen.
  6. Browse to and select the minitab.lic license file.
  7. Choose the folder to install the software to, and finish the installer.
  8. The first time you launch the software, you will be prompted to register Minitab. Enter your Andrew email address (, and your name in the appropriate fields. You can skip if you do not wish to register.

Note: Minitab does not provide support to end users under its volume license. If you have a question about using Minitab, email Software Licensing, who will forward your question to Minitab's technical support group, then send the reply to you.