Minitab-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University


Minitab is general purpose statistical and graphical analysis software for Windows.

Minitab Licensing Information

  • Campuses covered by this license: Campuses located in the United States and Qatar
  • License holder: Computing Services
  • Quantity licensed: Unlimited
  • Available for: Windows
  • Who can install it: Students, faculty and staff 
  • Eligible equipment: University owned/leased and personally owned computers on campus or at home
  • Type of license: Annual; September 1 renewal
  • Cost to users: None
  • Where to get it: Download from the link on this page 
  • License code required: Yes. It is provided in the download material
  • Getting help using it: Installation support is provided by the Computing Services Help Center. Visit Minitab Support for application help.
  • Restrictions: Use for academic, non-commercial purposes only.
  • Individual use rights upon termination of affiliation:  All copies must be deleted upon termination of affiliation with Carnegie Mellon University

Need Help?

Help Center
412-268-HELP (4357)

Visit Minitab Support for application help.

The Minitab license is renewed annually on September 1. When prompted, download the software, locate the license number and follow the prompts to renew.