Carnegie Mellon University
February 25, 2016

Demo session 02/25

Human Rights Media Central follow up meeting

Thursday, February 25
2:30 - 5:00 PM
224 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019
Room 2A


This session is a follow up to the workshop held at Carnegie Mellon University during the Summer 2015. Such event goal was to discuss and explore the viability of a coordinated approach to the acquisition, authentication, archiving, analysis, and utilization of human rights-related media by activists, attorneys, journalists, human rights defenders, and ordinary people.

The fundamental premises of the meeting were that there is significant work taking place in the human rights media space, but that such work is donewithout great coordination between actors, and thus there is an opportunity to increase the positive impact of these projects by increasing their coordination.

This Demo Session is thought as an opportunity for human rights practitioners, technologists and journalists to preview some of the ideas that have been produced as part of this coordinated effort as well as an opportunity for project leaders to receive meaningful feedback on the solutions they have imagined.


  1. Alex Hauptmann, CMU (presenter)
  2. An Xiao Mina, Meedan
  3. Brad Samuels, SITU (presenter)
  4. Bryan Nunez, OSF
  5. Chancellar Williams, OSF
  6. Christoph Koettl, Amnesty (presenter)
  7. Ed Bice, Meedan (presenter)
  8. Eliza Mackintosh, Storyful (presenter)
  9. Elizabeth Eagen, OSF
  10. Enrique Piraces, VV/CMU (presenter)
  11. Eric Sears, MacArthur Foundation
  12. Harlo Holmes, Guardian Project (presenter)
  13. Jay Aronson, CMU
  14. John Emerson, NYU
  15. Josh Lyons, Human Rights Watch
  16. Joseph Ovid Adams, Syria Direct (presenter)
  17. Louis Bickford, Ford Foundation
  18. Michael Brennan, Ford Foundation
  19. Mohammad Al Abdallah, SJAC (presenter)
  20. Scott Edwards, Amnesty
  21. Stephanie Withed, Huridocs
  22. Tony Wilson, Security Monitor
  23. Vijay Rao, SJAC (presenter)
  24. Yvonne Ng, WITNESS


Meet and greet - 2:30 to 3:00 PM

The idea is for people to use this time to go through security, catch up with each other, hydrate, email, text, etc.

Welcome and introduction - 3:00 PM to 3:10 PM

  • HRMC concept & Summer 2015 workshop briefing
  • Session objectives and presentation rules of engagement
  • Participant self-introductions (If needed. If time is short, we’ll leave this for the Q&A)

Presentations - 3:10 to 4:20 PM
Please be prepared to present for 6 minutes or less. For us to make the best
out of this, we’ll need everyone’s cooperation to be as brief and explicit as
possible. Please us the “Meet and Greet” time to take a look at the room and
make sure you have all what you need to present.

  1. Syria Justice and Accountability Center : Base Web system ; New features (relationship-graph searches, Data visualization); Offline (air-gapped) version of the system - for highest security level documents
  2. Meedan: CheckDesk
  3. Storyful: Montage is a collaborative platform in which individuals or teams can collect, verify and share YouTube videos.
  4. Amnesty International : AI will be sharing use cases and current and future methodologies of analyzing citizen media.
  5. Video Vault : a simple, reliable way to preserve, secure and archive video content and its metadata.
  6. Guardian Project
  7. Syria Direct
  8. CMU/Situ
  9. CMU : Arcane
  10. CMU : ELAMP

Q and A session - 4:20 to 4:55 PM

Closing remarks and next steps - 4:55 to 5:00 PM