Carnegie Mellon University

Leadership Team

Professor Jodi Forlizzi Headshot

Jodi Forlizzi 

Jodi is interested in understanding the impact of AI and automation in the workforce and is leading a group of researchers examining the impact of automation in the hospitality industry.

professor Rayid Ghani headshot

Rayid Ghani

Rayid focuses on developing responsible AI methods and works with government agencies and nonprofits to help design, develop, and deploy AI systems that support equitable societal outcomes. He recently testified to the House Financial Services Committee’s Task Force on AI on reducing AI bias in the financial sector.


Hoda Heidari 

Hoda seeks to provide a stakeholder-oriented perspective on the use of AI technologies in socially high-stakes domains. As an example, she aims to translate (un)fairness and bias in public policy domains into computationally tractable measures that account for the entire Machine Learning pipeline.

Advisory Council and Interim Leadership

Professor Vince Conitzer headshot 

Vincent Conitzer

CMU School of Computer Science


Rupert Croft

CMU Mellon College of Science
Professor of Physics

Amelia Haviland headshot 

Amelia Haviland

CMU Heinz College
Professor of Statistics and Health Policy

Professor Kristin Hughes headshot 

Kristin Hughes

CMU College of Fine Arts
Associate Professor

Professor Tae Wan Kim headshot 

Tae Wan Kim 

CMU Tepper School of Business
Associate Professor of Business Ethics

Professor Alex London headshot 

Alex John London

CMU Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Clara L. West Professor of Ethics and Philosophy

Carol Smith headshot


 Carol J. Smith

CMU Software Engineering Institute, AI Division
Senior Research Scientist - Human Machine Interaction

molly steenson headshot 

Molly Wright Steenson

CMU Office of the Provost
Vice Provost for Faculty
Associate Professor, School of Design

Professor conrad tucker headshot 

Conrad Tucker

CMU College of Engineering
Arthur Hamerschlag Career Development Professor of Mechanical Engineering
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