Carnegie Mellon University

Tae Wan Kim

Tae Wan Kim

Associate Professor of Business Ethics; Xerox Junior Chair

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  • TEP - Tepper Building - Room 4121
  • 412-268-3703
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


  • University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School - Ph D (Ethics and Legal Studies) - 2012


Artificial Intelligence Ethics, Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility


Working Papers

  • Grounding Value Alignment in AI with Ethical Principles

    (author(s): Tae Wan Kim, Thomas Donaldson, John Hooker)

  • Truly Autonomous Machines are Ethical
    (author(s): John Hooker, Tae Wan Kim)

  • Mimetic vs Anchored Value Alignment in Artificial Intelligence
    (author(s): Tae Wan Kim, Thomas Donaldson, John Hooker)

  • Explainable AI and the Goodness Criteria
    (author(s): Tae Wan Kim)
  • Why a Right to Explanation of Automated Algorithmic Decision-making Should Exist
    (author(s): Tae Wan Kim, Bryan Routledge) 

  • The Ethics of Data Capitalism: Are Data Subjects Investors?
    (author(s): Tae Wan Kim, Joseph Xu, Bryan Routledge)

  • Toward 'We’-Mode Team Production Theory of the Firm: A Confucian Approach
    Alternatives to the Theory of the Firm / Alternative Theories of the Firm
    (author(s): Tae Wan Kim, Alan Strudler, Matthew Caulfield)
  • What is a Good Explanation for Artificial Intelligence Decisions? A Human’s Guide to Understanding Machine Learning Output
    (author(s): Joy Lu, Dokyun Lee, Tae Wan Kim, David Danks)

  • The Ethics of Split Liver Transplant Revisited
    (author(s): Tae Wan Kim, Alan Strudler, Sridhar Tayur, John Roberts)

  • Yuji Ijiri’s Fairness Question: Perspectives from Analytic Ethics
    (author(s): Tae Wan Kim, Pierre Jinghong Liang, John Hooker)

  • The Ethics of Early Warning Artificial Intelligence in ER
    (author(s): Joo Heung Yoon, Zach Lipton, Tae Wan Kim)

  • What Socrates can Teach about Future of Work
    (author(s): Santiago Meija, Tae Wan Kim)

  • Humanizing the Workplace with Artificial Intelligence (book chapter)
    (author(s): Tae Wan Kim, John Hooker)

  • Humanizing Business through Confucian Workplace Meritocracy (book chapter)
    (author(s): Tae Wan Kim)

  • China wants Ground Rules for AI: Can Confucianism be Taught to AI?
    (author(s): Tae Wan Kim)

Awards and Honors

  • Carnegie Bosch Institute (CBI) - Research Grant Award (Principal Investigator) (2019)
  • Society for Business Ethics - The Best Article published in Business Ethics Quarterly for 2016 (2017)
  • Society for Business Ethics - The Best Article published in Business Ethics Quarterly for 2014 (2015)
  • Society for Business Ethics - Founder’s Award (2011)
  • The Joseph H. Lauder Institute, University of Pennsylvania - Penn Lauder CIBER Ph.D. Grant (2011)
  • Risk Management and Decision Process Center, the Wharton School - Russell Ackoff Fellowship (2011)
  • The Mark and Diane Spilker Corporate Governance Fund - The Mark and Diane Spilker Corporate Governance Fund Summer Fellowship (2011)
  • Society for Business Ethics - Founder’s Award (2010)
  • Support of Joan Platt, Hewlett-Packard Foundation and Boeing - Lewis Platt Fellowship (2009)
  • Carol and Lawrence Zicklin Center, the Wharton School - Zicklin Fellowship (2008)

University Service

  • McGowan Fellow Program Committee, Committee Member, to select the fellow. (2016 - )
  • Masters Educational Affairs Committee Meeting (MEAC), Committee Member (2015 - )
  • Academic Integrity Working Group, Committee Member (2015 - )

Professional Activities

  • Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Business Ethics (2018 - )
  • Program Committee, ACM/AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Society (2019)
  • Member, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (2017 - )
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Business Ethics Quarterly, Editorial Board (2017 - )
  • Member, INFORMS (2017 -)
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer, Ethics and Information Technology (February 2016 - )
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Business Ethics (August 2012 -)
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer, Business Ethics Quarterly (August 2011 -)
  • Member, International Association for Business and Society (August 2008 - )
  • Member, Academy of Management (August 2007 -)
  • Member, Society for Business Ethics (August 2007 -)