Nurse Option-Steel City Naval ROTC - Carnegie Mellon University

Nurse Option

At the Steel City NROTC program, our Battalion consists of approximately 80 Midshipmen who attend Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh or Duquesne University.  With different university backgrounds, our Midshipmen participate in a wide variety of academic programs.  While many of our Midshipmen are engineering students, we also have many who pursue degrees in business, the physical sciences and the humanities.  Within the NROTC program, there are broad career tracks for you to pursue: Navy Option, Marine Option, and Nurse Option.  Your individual requirements and commitments will vary according to the path you choose.

In addition to their university's nursing curriculum, our Nurse Option Midshipmen take four NROTC courses throughout their NROTC career.  Held to the same standards as Navy option Midshipmen, our nurses are required to attend the weekly professional military training session, as well as the physical training sessions led by the Battalion.  Nurse Options are required to maintain a high level of activity within the life of the Battalion.  Additionally, Nurse Option Midshipmen meet together to learn more about the Navy Nurse Corps and the futures that lie ahead of them.  Upon graduation and commissioning, Nurse Option Midshipmen will join the Navy Nurse Corps at naval hospitals around the world, either ashore or afloat.