College Program-Steel City Naval ROTC - Carnegie Mellon University

If Carnegie-Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, or Duquesne University has accepted you as a student, but you did not receive or apply for a NROTC scholarship, you can still participate in Steel City NROTC through the College Program.  This program has all the advantages that scholarship Midshipmen have but without tuition or other monetary assistance.  More information can be found on this website and at the NROTC website.

In order to participate in Midshipmen Orientation, a multiple-day military preparation and education at the end of summer before classes begin, you must contact our ROTC Coordinator the summer before you plan on attending your respective college.  The ROTC Coordinator will give you paperwork and information needed to participate in Midshipmen Orientation.  Once the paperwork is filled out and sent back to our unit, you should start to prepare yourself.  In addition to the packing list and housing arrangements on this website, you must also come prepared physically: you should be able to score “Good Low” on the Navy’s physical fitness standards; a respectable score is “Excellent Low”.

As a College Program Midshipman, you will work hard to gain the respect, grades, and physical fitness standards needed to win a NROTC scholarship.  Be proactive and start your mission now!