Marine Option-Steel City Naval ROTC - Carnegie Mellon University

Marine Option

"There is no military body in our country of higher efficiency than the Marine Corps.

They take great pride in their profession. They never let things slack a bit." -- Rear Admiral C.M. Wilslow, U.S. Navy.

The Marine Corps holds all marines to the highest levels of academic excellence, physical fitness, and military professionalism.  As a Marine Option, you too will be held to these high standards.  To meet these standards Marine Options take a more active role in preparing to become a military officer than their naval counterparts.  In addition to the one Naval Lab and two physical fitness sessions Navy Options part take in, Marine Options have an additional Marine Lab and physical fitness session.  The additional Marine Lab is necessary for two reasons: to learn and foster the proud history and traditions of the Marine Corps and to prepare and learn the necessary knowledge needed at Officer Candidate School.  Marine Options also have an extra, more vigorous and challenging, physical fitness session because, as future officers we must hold ourselves to the highest levels of physical fitness if we wish to lead by example.  These high expectations are not solely limited to one extra Marine Lab and physical fitness session, but it also extends to overall military bearing, appearance, professionalism, integrity, and academic excellence.  Marine Options are not held to such high levels of expectations to show off, but rather because it is necessary if they wish to be part of the finest military organization in the world and because it is demanded of them if they wish to one day lead United State Marines.