Academic Expectations-Steel City NROTCU - Carnegie Mellon University

Academic Expectations

As Midshipmen, much will be asked of you and you will be held to the highest standards.  Academics are no exception.  You will be required to complete a number of military training courses through the Naval ROTC unit.  Although classes differ from Marine and Navy options, the standard load is one course a semester.  The topics range from ship weapons system, to Naval and Marine Corps military history.  NROTC also requires that you take a multitude of classes though your respective universities.  Navy options will be required to complete two semesters of calculus and physics.  Some of the other course requirements include military history and humanities.

Students are required to maintain a GPA no lower than a 2.5.  Those under this standard will be placed on academic probation.  Those on probation will be placed on mandatory study hall hours.  There will typically be hired tutors working these study hall hours.  The unit has many resources to help Midshipmen with their courses.  On request, private tutors can be utilized.