Physical Fitness-Steel City Naval ROTC - Carnegie Mellon University

Physical Fitness

Being physically fit is a necessary part of being an officer in any branch of the armed forces.  Operational readiness and alertness depend heavily upon our bodies' abilities to withstand the demands of life at sea and in the Marine Corps.  Therefore, it is imperative to constantly be in top physical form.

At CMU NROTC, we hold our Midshipmen to the same high physical fitness expectations of Naval and Marine Corps officers.  In doing so, we ensure that all of our Midshipmen are not only mentally, but also physically prepared for the tasks that lie ahead of them.  In order to assess the physical condition of our students, we conduct a physical fitness test each semester.  For Navy Option Midshipmen, this test consists of a 1.5-mile run, two-minutes of sit-ups, and two-minutes of push-ups.  In order to succeed on this test, it is imperative to constantly remain in top physical condition.