Summer Cruise-Steel City Naval ROTC - Carnegie Mellon University

Summer Cruise Description

As a Midshipman, you will spend four weeks each summer on a training trip designed to help you decide which community within the Navy and Marine Corps you would like to join once you receive your commission.  On these summer cruises, you may have the opportunity to interact with foreign navies, fly a jet, drive a ship, dive a submarine, or interact with Marines.  These cruises are memorable experiences that are often the highlight of a Midshipman's NROTC career.

Following your freshman year, you will attend Career Orientation Training Midshipmen (CORTRAMID) in either Norfolk, VA, or San Diego, CA.  During this training trip, you will spend a week with an aviation squadron, a week with Marines, a week with a surface ship and a week with a submarine.  During these fast-paced and exciting four weeks, you will experience the different aspects of life in these different warfare communities.  This exposure will help you determine which career field best fits you and your ambitions.

Navy Option Midshipmen spend their sophomore summers on either a surface ship or a submarine shadowing an enlisted crewperson.  This experience gives you the opportunity to undergo life as an enlisted sailor.  Often humbling, this particular cruise will help you learn to identify with the sailors that you will someday lead as a commissioned officer.

During your senior cruise, you will shadow an officer in the community of your choice: surface, submarine, or aviation warfare.  Much like an internship, this experience will help prepare you for the Fleet and also helps you determine which path you would like to follow upon your commission.

These summer training experiences are not only hands-on learning tools that will prepare for your life as a naval officer, but they also expose you to new people and different leadership styles that you can take with you throughout life.