Carnegie Mellon University

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CaPS provides a safe, confidential environment for students to talk about personal and academic concerns. We also provide consultation services for faculty, staff, and family members.

Call or stop by today to schedule a consultation.

5 Things You Should Know About CaPS

1. All students currently enrolled at the Pittsburgh campus are eligible for services at CaPS at no additional cost to them.

2. All services are confidential.

3. CaPS is one of many support resources on campus available to help CMU students with a range of struggles. We can help you identify what resources are the best fit for your needs.

4. You are not alone! CaPS sees about 11% of the student population each year. These are undergraduate and graduate students who at some point throughout the year decided to seek help with their struggles.

5. Asking for help is a sign of psychological strength, not weakness. At some point in life, most of us will experience some psychological hardship that could benefit from professional support. Asking for help when needed can result in a faster and more long-lasting recovery.

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How to survive the next two weeks of Final Examinations:
1. Consider staying organized by making lists, having a calendar or setting up reminders in your phone.
2. Try to remain positive.  The more stress we experience the harder it is to stay positive.  A positive attitude is needed to effectively cope with a hard situation and avoid excessive worrying.
3. Take a break.  Avoid spending every minute of your day studying.  Taking a break will help you decrease tension and anxiety and will help you stay focused.
4. Avoid all-nighters.  Sleep is an essential part of our mental and physical wellbeing.  Staying up all night can decrease your capacity to focus, impair decision making, and increase irritability among other things.
5. Remember to eat regular meals and stay active.
6. Consider utilizing campus resources such as: Academic Development, Mindfulness Room, Global Communication Center.