Carnegie Mellon University

A Note on Research Compliance

If you believe your proposal may involve a conflict of interest (for example, if you are collaborating with an outside company that you own or work for, or if one on your family members may benefit financially from the results of your research), you must:

  • Consult with CMU's Office of Research Integrity and Compliance prior to beginning the work
  • Sign and abide by a conflict management plan if required by ORIC; you will be able to provide input on the terms of this plan

If you will be working with Human Subjects at any point during your research, you must:

  • Receive approval from the CMU IRB (Institutional Review Board) prior to human subjects enrollment.
  • Submit the appropriate applications according to the IRB.
  • Indicate that you understand these requirements in your proposal, and that you have applied for approval.  You do not need to have confirmed approval before the proposal deadline.

For questions regarding these requirements or any other aspect of COI/IRB review, please contact the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance.