Carnegie Mellon University

How to Apply

The Application

Your finished application will include:
- abstract of your presentation topic (to be entered in the application form)
- a budget that reflects the costs of attending the conference (registration, etc.)
- a letter of acceptance from the conference, or other verification that you will be presenting
- a letter of recommendation from your faculty advisor (uploaded by the advisor)

The Process

- Ask your project advisor for a letter of support
- Draft a short abstract describing your presentation topic
- Complete the Research Grant/Program Application, including the upload of your application documents
- If you wish, meet with Richelle Bernazzoli, our Director

Applications are accepted year-round - there is no deadline.


Once you have received notification of an approved Presentation Award, please download this CONTRACT. The contract must be completed by yourself, your faculty mentor, and the faculty’s business manager, then returned to Jen Weidenhof.  If your faculty mentor is from an organization outside of Carnegie Mellon, please contact Jen Weidenhof for further instructions.