Carnegie Mellon University

How to Apply


All students and advisors connected to a Presentation Award must REGISTER. For group projects, one student in the group can register the project and invite the other students and advisor(s) to join. All participants will receive an email to accept the invitation.

When registering, please update any incorrect or missing information in your profile.

Please note:  All faculty advisors and students on group projects must be added by the student initiating the project registration.  You MUST use their ANDREW ID to enter those individuals.  ID exchanges will not enable you to apply (i.e.;; cmu.sei.cmu;, etc.)  Use of the online application requires WebISO authentication for each applicant. 

The Application

Your finished application will include (please upload as separate documents):
- abstract of your presentation topic
- a budget that reflects the costs of attending the conference (registration, etc.)
- a letter of acceptance from the conference, or other verification that you will be presenting
- a letter of recommendation from your faculty advisor (uploaded by the advisor)

The Process

- Ask your project advisor for a letter of support
- Draft a short abstract describing your presentation topic
- If you wish, meet with Stephanie Wallach, our Director

Applications are accepted year-round - there is no deadline.