Carnegie Mellon University

2013 Award Winners

Alcoa Undergraduate Research Awards

First Place: Evan Shimzu (BSCA), "Augmented Reality Interaction with the Pausch Bridge"

Second Place: Sheila Chan (IS), Rachel Crown (IS), Inez Foong (IS), Wei Shan Lim (IS), Adetunji Olojede (IS), "Je Voyage"

Third Place: Canute Haroldson (MechE), Christopher Henley (Design), Yaakov Lyubetsky (Design), Ajay Ravindran (CS), "Project Loci: Tangible Interactions with Information Systems"

Award for Artistic Excellence

Sarah Ceurvorst (BHA), "Part of (4)"

Jessica Aguero (Art), "Virtual Media and Sacred Imagery: Using the Artificial to Portray the Inexplicable"

Carter Warren (Art), "Plague & Body Dismorphia"

Jamie Drutman (Drama), Olivia Harris (Drama), Nicolas Hurt (Business Administration), Stephen Tonti (Drama), "Request Concert Film Adaptation Screening"

Olivia London (English), "Dancing at the Edge: Writing About Performance"

Boeing Blue Skies Award

First Place: Neil Abcower (ECE), "Low-Level Position Control for the Omni-Directional Bases in a Manufacturing Environment"

Second Place: Corinne Vassallo (Music & Physics), "On-Line Optical Orbit Determination"

CIT Senior Honors Research Poster Competition

First Place: Nathaniel Ondeck (ChemE), "Selective Adsorption on Chiral Nanoparticles"

Second Place: Evan Quirk (ECE), "Quantum Dot Microdisk Lasers for HAMR"

Third Place: Sangita Sharma (BME & MSE), "Self-Assembly and Strength Toughening of Polymer-Grafted Nanoparticle Thin Films Due to Homopolymer Addition"

Dietrich Humanities Prize

Harrison Apple (BHA), "House of Tilden: Gay and Lesbian Social Clubs in 1960's Pittsburgh"

Jordan Stephenson (English), "Search for Me: Discovering the Self through and Exploration of Religion and Race"

Prisca Ohito (BHA), "Making Connections Between Design of Amenities, Homelessness and Empowerment"

Enrica Rosato (Linguistics), "Adjective Order in English: A Semantic Account with Cross-Linguistic Applications"

Jiwon Ha (History), "Bringing Public Awareness to the Issue of Domestic Violence"

Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry Award

First Place: Evan Shimizu (BCSA), "Augmented Reality Interaction with the Pausch Bridge"

Second Place: Spencer Barton (ECE), Connor Brem (CS), Steven Cunningham (MechE), David Lu (ECE), Rudina Morina (ECE &BME), Corinne Vassallo (Music & Physics), "Mechanical Logic"

Third Place: Lazae LaSpina (Art), Danielle Parnes (Design), "Wilkinsburg Community Engagement Gardens"

Johnson & Johnson Undergraduate Research Award

First Place: Erica Lazrus (CS & Arts). "Code-Runner"

Second Place: Alan Fu (BME & MSE), Siri Amrit Ramos (MechE), "Re-designing the Epinephrine Auto Injector"

Third Place: Adewale Desalu (ECE), Brooke Gladstone (MSE), Sohini Roy (MSE), Andre Sutanto (MechE), Ramyata Upmaka (MSE), "Scottie Dock: A Mobility Assist Device for Manual Wheelchair Users"

Psychology Department Competition

First Place (tie): Nicolas Zuniga-Penaranda (Bio Psych), "Primary Gestures with Related Sounds"

First Place (tie): Jennifer Hirsch (Psychology), "The Relation of Gender and Perception of Others for Support Erosion"

Second Place (tie): Jessica Laubach (Psychology), "Social Support from Romantic Partners versus Friends as Moderators of Mortality Salience Effects"

Second Place (tie): Jennifer Patel (Psychology), "Second-Order Correlation Learning of External and Internal Animal Parts with Infants and Young Children"

Richard Schoenwald Phi Beta Kappa Undergraduate Research Prize

First Place (tie): Jason Rocks (Physics), "Determining the Aaussian Moduls of Biological Lipid Membranes"

First Place (tie): Enrica Rosato (Linguistics), "Adjective Order in English: A Semantic Account with Cross-Linguistic Applications"

Sigma Xi Poster Competition

First Place: Paige Davison (Biological Sciences), "Dissecting the Actin Localization Methods of APC2"

Second Place A: Vishnu Chandra (Biological Sciences), "Single-molecule Studies on Loop-Loop Kissing Interactions in Guanine-sensing Riboswitch"

Second Place B: Amer Al-Khouja (Chemistry), "Grafting-onto Strategies for Lignin-Polymer Hybrids"

Third Place: Mikio David (MechE), "The Design and Optimization of Lorentz Force Driven Engines"

SRC-URO Poster Competition

First Place: Juan Infante (MSE), "Fabrication and Resistive Switching of Ruddlesden-Popper Oxide"

Second Place: Niharika Singh (ECE), "Joint Logic Restructuring and Pin Reordering against PBTI and NBTI inducted Degradation in 22nm Technologies"

Third Place: Andrea Pickel (MechE), "Thermal and Thermomechanical Modeling of Solder/Magnetic Nanocomposites for Area-Array Packaging"

Statistics Competition

First Place (Poster): Shiyan Gan (Business Administration), Nicholas Thieme (Stat), Yunhao Young (ECE), "Estimating the Hubble Telescope ACS Point Spread Function through Statistical Methods"

Second Place (Poster): Shirui Hu (Math), Shu Wang (Math), "A Friendship Network of Carnegie Mellon Students"

Third Place (Poster): Zachary Branson (Econ & Stat), Shaina Mitchell (Math), Sarah Peko-Spicer (Econ & Stat), "Absence and Achievement in Pittsburgh Public Schools"

Oral Presentation Prize: Eliot Knudsen (Stat), "Stagewise Regression and the LARS Algorithm"

Toyota Ideas for Good Scholars Award

Elissa Goldner (CEE), Agnieszka Marszalik (CEE), "Regional Economic Impact on the Twin Ridges Wind Farm"

Undergraduate Economics Program (UEP) Competition

First Place: Jung Moon (Econ & Stat), "The Relationship Between the Unemployment Rate and the Birth Rate in Korea"

Second Place (tie): Karthik Nagarajan (Econ & MechE), "School Choice: Diversity Constraints"

Second Place (tie): Oliver Haimson (Econ), "Where are they Now: Analyzing Gender Differences in Executive Exit Patterns"

Undergraduate Environmental Research Award

First Place: Tifany Yang (Chemistry), "Sulfidation of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles and its Effect on Ion Release"

Runner Up: Albert Liang (ChemE), "Quantitative Characterization of Physical Solvents using Raman Spectroscopy and Modeling for Pre-Combustion CO2 Capture"

Runner Up: Lazae LaSpina (Art), Danielle Parnes (Design), "Wilkinsburg Community Engagement Gardens"

Runner Up: Sarah Ramp (CEE), "Implementing a Stormwater Sustainability Ratings System for Distressed and Vacant Urban Properties"

Yahoo! Undergraduate Research Award

First Place: Malcolm Greaves (CS), "Leveraging Dependency Parse Structures for Large-Scale Noun Phrase Classification"

Second Place: Enrica Rosato (Linguistics), "Adjective Order in English: A Semantic Account with Cross-Linguistic Applications"

Third Place: Vivic Sainanee (IS), "Velvet Calendar"