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Meeting of the Minds Submission Guidelines

Any Carnegie Mellon undergraduate student conducting research is invited to present at Meeting of the Minds.


Registration deadline: FRIDAY, APRIL 5, 2024
Final Online Presentation Upload Deadline: FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2024

Registration Link

Please read in full before going to our registration link.

There are four options for the in-person presentation type:

  •     Poster only: Students will be assigned a 2-hour session and will stand next to their poster in an open area and talk casually to guests about their work. Students will produce a printed poster (up to 30”x42”) to bring on May 1st. We will provide poster boards, tacks and easels. 
  •     Oral presentation with slide-deck: Students will be assigned a 20-minute time slot in one of the 2nd floor CUC rooms. Students should limit their presentation to 10 minutes and allow for five minutes for set-up and five minutes after the presentation for Q&A. Students will bring their laptop with the slide deck loaded to their assigned room to plug into the provided projector..
  •     Art Exhibit: Students will be assigned a 2-hour time slot in a gallery setting to display their work and talk casually with guests about their work. Students will be assigned a table or wall-space to place their exhibit.
  •     Performance: Students will be assigned a time slot commensurate with the timing of the performance and will put on their production in McConomy Auditorium. 

IMPORTANT!! While the symposium will take place in-person, our registration platform requires that a file be uploaded in addition to completing the registration fields. When you register, you will be asked to provide a document or YouTube link before you can submit the registration. Since we do not expect that you will have your poster or presentation ready by the April 5th deadline, you may create a temporary document  or link with a description of your presentation to serve as a placeholder. If your presentation is ready, you may upload it with your registration.  By April 26th, you will be required to go back into your registration and replace the temporary file with your actual presentation – a copy of your poster, a slide-deck, a photo of your exhibit, or a recording of your oral presentation. 


ONE registration/submission should be entered for EACH presentation. For group projects, one student will register for the whole group.

The registration form includes the following information. You will need to have the information complete BEFORE you begin the registration form.

  • Personal information 
  • Major
  • Class
  • Subject area
  • Additional student information (for group projects, one student will submit and include the demographic information for all students in the group)
  • Faculty Mentor information
  • Selection of competitions (optional)
  • Presentation Title
  • Abstract (Abstracts should be no longer than 250 words and should include the following information [as appropriate]: introduction/background, objective/purpose of research, methods, results and conclusions.)
  • Temporary or final file upload (see below)

You will also need to select ONE format of your online submission upload from the following types. You are free to select either option, no matter what type of presentation you do in-person.

  • Poster, Document, or Photo: Please upload a PDF of your poster, slide-deck, or photos of your exhibit.  PDF must be no more than 10MB in size. If your file exceeds this limit, you can compress the file to reduce its size.  We recommend or another online tool to compress your file if necessary. If your presentation is not complete at time of registration, please upload a PDF of your title and abstract.  (Registration cannot be completed without an upload.) You will be instructed at a later time to edit your registration to upload your final poster. 
  • Video: You may pre-record an oral presentation to YouTube and paste the link below (only YouTube links will be supported). As your presentation is likely not complete at this time, please provide a "dummy" YouTube link at this time. You will be instructed at a later time to edit your registration to upload your final presentation. You must make the YouTube video settings as UNLISTED.

Please direct any questions to Jen Weidenhof.