Carnegie Mellon University

Virtual Meeting of the Minds Submission Guidelines

Any Carnegie Mellon undergraduate student conducting research is invited to present at Meeting of the Minds.

All poster and video presentations will be available to view May 10-11, with the main event on May 12.  Student presenters should be aware that attendees will have the ability to leave comments or questions on your presentations, and the student will receive an email alert.  Students should check these comments throughout the day on May 12 and respond as needed.  Students will not be assigned a specific time for Q&A, but should be responsible for checking their comments.

Registration/submission deadline: Wednesday, May 5, 2021, 11:59 PM EST

ONE registration/submission should be entered for EACH presentation.  For group projects, one student will register for the group.

Students in the following programs have been given separate instructions by email and should NOT follow the instructions below:

  • BME Design
  • BXA Capstone
  • CIT Honors
  • Dietrich Honors
  • SCS Groups (07-599; 10-500; 15-400; 15-59x)
  • Statistics & Data Science

For all other students, there are three types of presentations available:

  • Poster and Optional Pre-Recorded Oral Presentation
  • Pre-recorded Oral Session (no poster)
  • Exhibit, Performance, Demonstration (two pre-recorded videos, one showing the demonstration/performance, and the other with a presentation)

Note –there has been a change in presentation options due to a change in our virtual platform. Please contact Jen Weidenhof if you have questions or concerns.

The registration form includes the following information:

  • Personal information
  • Major
  • Class
  • Subject area
  • Additional student information (if a group project)
  • Mentor information
  • Presentation Title
  • Abstract
  • Poster upload (if using a poster)
  • Video upload (if a pre-recorded presentation)

Please have the above items complete and ready to uploaded BEFORE you begin the registration form.

Abstract guidelines:

Abstracts should be no longer than 250 words and should include the following information (as appropriate): introduction/background, objective/purpose of research, methods, results and conclusions.

Poster guidelines:

Posters can be created in your preferred program (PowerPoint is common). Posters must be in PDF format for upload to the registration form. They can be no larger than 10MB in size. If your file exceeds this limit, you can compress the file to reduce its size. We recommend or another online tool to compress your file if necessary.

Video guidelines:

Videos accompanying posters should be between 3-5 minutes, and videos for stand-alone oral presentations (without posters) can be up to 15 minutes.  Videos should first be uploaded to YouTube. Only YouTube links are supported on the registration form. Please make sure the YouTube settings are UNLISTED. For poster presentations - videos can be uploaded to describe your work/poster. This is recommended in addition to uploading your poster. See the Video Help box on the right for webpages to detailed instructions on video uploads.

For Exhibit, Performance, or Demonstration presentations - You are able to upload two videos. One video should contain your exhibit or performance and the other is an optional video describing your exhibit or performance. Similar to above, you will need to upload all videos to YouTube and then provide the link in the registration form.


Students who wish to participate in the Sigma Xi Poster Competition are REQUIRED to register and present a Poster/Video presentation.  No live sessions will be permitted.  The Sigma Xi Poster Competition is an independently sponsored event within Meeting of the Minds.  Coordinated by the Carnegie Mellon chapter of Sigma Xi, a national honor society for those engaging in scientific research, the competition is open to students presenting posters in the quantitative sciences. (*The organizers reserve the right to not accept an abstract if the research is of non-quantitative nature.*)  In the past, this has included students from the life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, and quantitative social sciences. 

Your presentation will be assessed by a panel of judges drawn from the University.  Your presentation will be rated using the following equally-weighted criteria: abstract quality and clarity; clarity of objective; organization of thoughts; quality of experimental design; quality of data interpretation and discussion; significance of work; oral presentation skills.

To participate in the Sigma Xi competition:

  • Create your poster and accompanying 10-minute presentation video (video must be uploaded to YouTube.)
  • Under “Programs/Groups” in the registration form, select “Sigma Xi Poster Competition.”
  • Under “Presentation Media” in the registration form, select “Poster and Optional Pre-Recorded Oral Presentation.”
  • Upload the .pdf file of your poster and the YouTube link to your video.