Carnegie Mellon University

2024 Award Winners

Award for Artistic Excellence

John Henley: Anthropogenic Fossils: Encountering Landscape Materialities (Advisor: Mark Baskinger)

Ellis Jones: Dare Not Speak: Queer Self-Censorship in Victorian Literature (Advisor: Kelsey Dusenka and Mariam Wassif)

Carmyn Talento: Interplanetary Harmonics (Advisor: Matthew Walker)

Madeline Miller & Jeremy Pitzer: Micromegas 2023 (Advisor: Wendy Arons)

Dietrich Humanities Prize

Sophia Levin: The Overlap: Pittsburgh’s Birth Control League and African American Communities, 1930-1946 (Advisors: Ezelle Sanford, Laurie Eisenberg)

Jamie Kojiro: Queer Tragedy on Film: Bahktin’s Chronotype and How Queer Futurity Reclaims Space (Advisor: Jeff Hinkelman)

Jo-Michelle Huczko: NIL in the Shadow of Title IX: A Case Study in Women's Collegiate Gymnastics (Advisor: Steve Schlossman) 

Gaia Rajan: THE FUGITIVE YEARS: Negotiating Time and Estrangement (Advisor: Camille Rankine)

Humanities Prize Award of Distinction for the Humanities Scholars Program: 
Kerry Mills: The City of Pittsburgh's Land Bank: A Liminal Social Infrastructure (Advisor: Tim Haggerty) 

Psychology Award

Oral Presentation: 
Lily Mcleod: Factors Predicting the Cessation of Cannabis when Developing Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (Advisor: Crista Crittenden)

Poster Presentation (Tie):
Camille Chandler: Social Rejection and Risk Taking in Ingroup and Outgroup Situations (Advisor: Michael Trujillo)  

Ayat Karim: Exploring the Redundant Target Effect with Complex Stimuli in Control Participants (Advisor: Jessica Smith)

Sigma Xi Poster Competition

First Place: Gillian Croteau: Effects of Compounds on Vibrio cholerae (advisor: Drew Bridges)

Second Place: Abigail Umscheid: Proteins as Renewable and Biodegradable Fillers in Polymer Composites (Advisor: Daphne WY Chan)

Third Place: Adeline Sewack: Development of Fluorescent Yeast Strains to Examine Nucleolar Morphology and Localization of Pre-Ribosomes (Advisor: John Woolford)

Statistics Competition

Best Presentation by an Individual Researcher
Xuduo (Victor) Wen: Cardiac Arrhythmia in Equine Health: A Statistical Analysis of Electrocardiogram Data (Advisors: Joel Greenhouse and Ron Yurko)

Best Presentations by Capstone Groups
1st Place: Detecting Redundancy in Reported CGM Device Issues, Iris Dai, Chuangji Li, Srihita Nangunuri, Nandini Neralagi (Advisor: Peter Freeman)

2nd Place: Analyzing the Evolution of Children's Literature: A Comparative Study of Lists by Caroline Hewins and Anne Carroll Moore, Vernon Luk, Yasemin Rees, Patrick Phelan (Advisor: Cosma Shalizi)

3rd Place: Racial Identity Profiling: Quantifying Disparities in Police Stops in California, Lingruo Pan, Noelani Phillips, Eileen Xiao (Advisor: Zachary Branson)

Undergraduate Environmental Award

Winner: Camden Johnson: Safe oxidation of tire additives and antibiotics (Advisor: Terrence Collins)

John Henley: Anthropogenic Fossils: Encountering Landscape Materialities (Advisor: Mark Baskinger)

Kate Hanson: Designing a gravity-fed hydroponic system as a form of rainwater management (Advisor: Gregory Lowry)

Helen Zhao: Impacts of Socioeconomic Status and Minority Population on Childhood Blood Lead Levels in Pennsylvania (Advisor: Karen Clay)