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Meeting of the Minds Presentation Information

Room/time assignments have been added to your registration. Please log in to your registration page to view your presentation information, or view the Meeting of the Minds 2024 Schedule and search for your name.  Please note this information so that you know where to set up on the day of the event.  Assignments cannot be changed.

Be sure to invite your advisors, family, and friends to your session!! 

Please review the following guidelines to help you prepare for your presentation. 

All students must come to Kirr Commons (1st floor, Cohon University Center, at the black chairs) 10-15 minutes before their scheduled time to check in and get your name tag.  

If you have signed up for a special competition, please review the criteria.  The organizers of each competition will be given your presentation time and location, and they will come to you during that time.  Please note that some competitions will have a preliminary review of the presentations and may opt to only see certain presentations.


Poster sessions are 2 hours and students are expected to stay by their poster for the full session.

Posters should be printed ahead of time and should be no larger than 30x42 inches. Please see the information to the right regarding printing of posters.

All posters must be hung 10 minutes before your scheduled time.  After you have checked-in at Kirr Commons, please pick up a foam board, easel and clips at the coat room, 2nd floor, if needed.  Easels are not needed for students in Sigma Xi as they will already be set up in that area.  Set up your poster in the area assigned to you as listed in your registration information. 

Please note that if you have registered for the poster session, you should only be presenting a poster.  No tables or outlets will be provided for poster presentations.  If you have a small item to show that you can hold, then please feel free to bring it with you.  Otherwise, there is not sufficient room for other items.

Please acknowledge the sources of any funding you received for your project. You should be near your poster during your assigned poster session to answer any questions about your work.  If you are registered for a competition and are selected, the judges will come to see you during your scheduled time.  You are responsible for taking down your poster and returning the board and easel to the coat room at the end of your session.  All posters should be removed before 4:00 pm that day. The Office of Undergraduate Research Office and Scholar Development will not be responsible for posters left in the building after 5:00 pm.


Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled session to check-in to Kirr Commons and get your nametag.  You have been scheduled a 20-minute block. Plan to speak for approximately 10 minutes and allow 5 minutes for questions and discussion, with 5 minutes scheduled for set-up and tear-down.   Be sure to have any computer presentations, etc. in their proper order and ready to go. You may wish to rehearse your talk with your faculty advisor and anticipate any questions you might receive. If you plan to use a slide deck or any other computer-based presentation, you must provide your own laptop computer; we will provide a projector in each room but we WILL NOT PROVIDE COMPUTERS.  If you need sound, you must provide your own speakers.  We will have some dongles available, but please bring your own if available.


After checking in at Kirr Commons, please proceed directly to Rangos 2&3.  Easels and poster boards will be available in the room and you do not need to stop at the 2nd floor coat room.  

You are required to stay in the room during the full 10:00 am – noon session and are not permitted to leave once your presentation is complete if prior to noon.  You are welcome and encouraged to visit other posters but must be present at your poster at your scheduled time.

Students will need a poster only and should be prepared to give an oral presentation to judges at their scheduled time. The oral presentation should be 7 minutes with 3 minutes allotted for Q&A.

If you are selected to compete in the 2nd round of Sigma Xi, you would then return to Rangos starting at 2:30 pm.  Students are expected to arrive on time and stay through the round, roughly until 4:00 pm.


Students participating in SCS Thesis or Posters Sessions should proceed to GHC at their scheduled time.  Students do not need to stop at the Cohon University Center.  Please follow guidance from your Thesis faculty and/or Tom Cortina.


Students will receive information from Kurt Larsen.


If you were assigned to the Connan Room, please take your items to set up there after checking in at Kirr Commons.  Tables will be set up in the room with signage with your name on the tables.  Please set up your exhibit prior to noon.  Students are expected to be with their exhibit for the full two hours.


Please direct any questions to Jen Weidenhof.