Carnegie Mellon University

2023 Award Winners

Award for Artistic Excellence

Nicole Guccione, "Mosaic"

Himalini Gururaj, "Automatic Exquisite Corpse"

Sohye Park, "Art in Motion"

Julie Scharf, "The Slipping Nymph"

Dietrich Humanities Prize

Clare Katyal "Listen: A Film Portraying our Shared Humanity"

Emily Finger "How to be an Other Woman"

Audrey Renouf "In Corus"

Cass Scheirer  "Documentation for Documentarians"

Adarsh Suresh "The Positive Right to Vote"

Mathematics Poster Competition

Grand Prize: Siyan Chen, Jiazhe Wang, Ruiming Gu, Lincole Li, "Understanding and Pricing Chooser Options"

Runner Up #1: Tiffany Han, Brenda Chen, Kaz Zhou, Kina Paguyo, Migual Benitez, "Realizing convex codes with axis-parallel boxes"

Runner Up #2: Yuxuan Huang, "A fast reduced order method for linear parabolic inverse source problems"

Psychology Department Competition

Eliza Reedy, "Auditory Naming for Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience”

Yeonwoo Kim, “Effects of language background on executive function: Transfer across task and modality”

SCS Allen Newell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Konwoo Kim, “Learning Shared Safety Constraints from Multi-task Demonstrations”

SCS Alumni Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Computer Science

Jeff Tan, “Distilling Neural Fields for Real-Time Articulated Shape Reconstruction”

Sigma Xi Poster Competition

First Place: Olivia Brand, “Individual Differences in Physical Activity Enjoyment from Exercise-Based Virtual Reality”

Second Place: The group presentation by Jared Cohen, Raaga Singireddy, Kent Shibata, Yoona Lee, Gyuri Kim, “A Novel Port Closure Device for Abdominal Laparoscopic Surgery”

Third Place (a tie): Ysabel Li, “Designing an oligonucleotide probe to target expanded RNA transcripts associated with Huntington's Disease” and Jhih-Yi Hseih, “On Tradeoffs Between Fairness, Robustness, and Privacy Through Tilted Losses”

Statistics Competition

1st Place: Xander Brick, Sophia Hill, Gbenuola Olaiya, “Use of Language to Identify Stages of Dementia” 

2nd Place: Jackson Meehan, Emily Feng, Rohan Patel, “Exploring Golf Analytics From Trackman System: Consistency and Clustering Analysis” 

3rd Place: Eli Cohen, Jordan Gilbert, Marion Haney, Sarah Tandean, “Applying NFL Statistical Models to CMU Football”

Undergraduate Environmental Research Award

Claire Marlowe, "Improving Battery Sustainability through Cobalt-Free Cathode Materials"

Minerva Schafer, "Treatment of Antibiotic Wastes of Environmental Concern Using Green Activators of Hydrogen Peroxide"