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Concessions, Solicitations, Lotteries & Raffles


Any group or individual who wishes to sell merchandise or service of any description on the campus or in the buildings of the institution must present an application in writing to the dean of students. Written permits will be issued for approved applications.

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Solicitation of Funds

Student organizations may solicit funds for use by the organization from students, alumni, family or friends. Funds solicited using the University’s name or for which the donor expects to receive a charitable income tax deduction as a gift to the University must be solicited and used in compliance with the University’s solicitation and accounting rules. To ensure compliance with tax laws, these rules require gifts designated to a specific organization be made through the University’s annual giving website or by deposit to the Office of Student Leadership, Involvement and Civic Engagement.

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Lotteries and Raffles

Lotteries, raffles or other devices of a like nature are governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and are therefore authorized on campus only when required permits are obtained by the appropriate governing authority. Approval to host an event deploying games of chance must receive approval from the director of student leadership, involvement and civic engagement to ensure compliance with the law. 

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