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Student Handbook

Conduct of Classes (Undergraduate Students)

Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes unless the instructor explicitly informs the class that other ways of doing the work are acceptable. The action to be taken in regard to tardiness, absence from class or making up late work is the responsibility of the individual instructor; the instructor should consult with the department head and the student's dean if major action, such as dropping the student from the course, is being considered.

All classes will be held at their scheduled hour on days immediately before and after all holidays and recesses. Both faculty and students are expected to be present.

Members of athletic teams and other student organizations are permitted to be absent from classes to participate in authorized contests and presentations, either at home or out of town, provided the following conditions are met:

All work missed must be made up to the satisfaction of the instructor(s) concerned;
  •     No trip shall involve an absence of more than two days, excluding days when classes are not scheduled;
  •     The total number of days of absence shall not exceed six per sport or per organization annually;
  •     Instructor(s) may request confirmation from the relevant coach, department or student affairs staff member.

Technology affords many students access to portable devices including cell phones, PDAs, and laptops. It is expected that students will respect the wishes of faculty with regard to the use of electronic devices within the academic environment.

Students who, because of religious beliefs, cannot attend class may arrange as individuals to be absent, provided the work missed is made up in a manner satisfactory to the instructor(s) of the class(es) missed.

No student shall leave a scheduled exercise because of the absence of the instructor until a reasonable time has passed. By tradition and as a matter of courtesy a student should wait 10 minutes before leaving.

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