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Instructor Information

Below is a collection of important information for StuCo teachers. If you think something should be here and isn't, please contact us so we can make the addition! Linked is also a copy of the StuCo Teaching Contract [.pdf], the terms of which you have agreed to and signed earlier. Please feel free to review the document as needed regarding your responsibilities and rights as a StuCo instructor.


Check out our in-depth guide on getting started with planning your course.


You CANNOT manually register for 98-000 (Teaching Practicum). Instead, you will be registered by Mimi Wertheimer, after you have listed Mimi as a proxy to your course (Please see below for instructions). You will be registered shortly before the semester in which you'll be teaching, so please do not be alarmed if you do not see it listed under your registered courses during registration week. If you are going to be a less than full-time student in the semester that you are teaching, please notify the StuCo Executive Committee and Mimi Wertheimer as soon as you can. 


In order to monitor grade entry and S3 information more easily, ALL StuCo instructors must add Mimi Wertheimer (mwerthei) as a proxy to their course. For instructions on how to add a proxy, please click here and follow steps 1-3 on the first page.  


As an instructor, you MUST be registered for Two-Factor Authentication. This extra layer of security protects sensitive information contained in S3. Visit this link to register for Two-Factor Authentication. Once registered, whenever you log into S3, you will be prompted with a "push" that you must accept to gain access to the system. Please direct any additional 2FA questions to Computing Services.


Once you have registered for 2FA, you will be able to access your course and roster information in S3. To view your class roster, first go to the HUB website, then to the Faculty Course & Grade Information page or to the following link

After logging into S3, click on "Registrar" in the top right corner, then proceed to the "Faculty Course & Grade Info" link to view your class roster, wait list, request a photo roster, email the students on your roster, and enter grades at mid-semester and the end of the semester. As long as you are the instructor of record for your class (if unsure, double check on the SOC), you should be able to access S3 using your Enterprise (ERP) password. If you cannot log into S3 due to password issues, you will need to contact Computing Services and inform them that you're having issues with your Enterprise (ERP) Password. 


If you have students who are waitlisted and you would like to admit them into the class, choose the students you would like to admit, then please contact Mimi Wertheimer using the subject "[Class]-[class number]-waitlist admittance" and include the names and andrew-ids of students you would like to admit. Please do not go over your requested class size.


Syllabi must be uploaded to the syllabus registry at the start of each term, regardless of any submissions made in previous terms. Upload instructions can be found in the StuCo Resources document or on the syllabus registry page. If you need assistance with any syllabus registry-related issues, please email and CC the StuCo advisor Mimi Wertheimer.


If you would like to add a student to your roster that has been attending your class regularly, has not missed more than two classes, and it's after the add/drop period has ended, the student will need to complete this form. Several signatures are needed to add a class after the add/drop period and the student who wishes to be added after the deadline will be responsible for obtaining the appropriate signatures and getting the form back to the Registrar.

For the Fall 2023 semester, the add deadline is 10:00 AM on Monday, September 11th. The drop deadline is 10:00 AM on Monday, October 9th. Other important dates can be found on the Important Dates page.


The official attendance policy (as noted in the StuCo Teaching Contract [.pdf]) is that students are not allowed more than 2 unexcused absences. Any more than this, and they should be given a "No Pass" in the course. Given that a typical StuCo has about 13-14 classes a semester, missing 2 of them results in a student missing a significant amount of the content taught in the course!

Also, appreciable tardiness should be treated as an absence. For instance, if you have a 50-minute class, and a student arrives 15 minutes late or leaves 15 minutes early, that should be counted as an absence. If you have a 110+ minute class, and a student arrives late or leaves early by 30 minutes, this should also be counted as an absence.

Additionally, all StuCo courses are expected to be offered and attended in-person. Students are expected to attend weekly classes, and it is expected that instructors record attendance.


All room size increase/change requests have to be approved by the StuCo Executive Committee. StuCo instructors are NOT to make room requests through 25 Live. All requests need to be submitted to first the StuCo Executive Committee and then Mimi Wertheimer, who will initiate communication with the Registrar. Room requests must be made before the end of the first week of classes. Any room requests after that will be unable to gain registrar approval.


All changes to instructors or course capacity should be made to and must be approved by StuCo Exec. These changes must be made before the break before the start of the relevant semester, as StuCo Exec may not be able to respond to requests during summer/winter breaks.


If you wish to have a Canvas class, visit the Canvas home page and request a course. If you need assistance with any Canvas related issues, please email or call 412-268-9090.


StuCo Instructors MUST enter grades by the deadline given by the StuCo Executive Committee and Mimi Wertheimer in order to receive a passing grade for the semester. As long as you are listed as an instructor of record for your StuCo Course, you are able to enter grades by logging into the S3 system once the grade entry period is open/active. Please follow the instructions (pgs. 2-3) on how to enter grades. Grade entry will only be open during certain times during the semester. You will be sent an informative email around each grade entry deadline.