Carnegie Mellon University


Welcome to the StuCo website! StuCo is an educational organization involving hundreds of students at Carnegie Mellon University.

The Student College was established in 2001 to provide Carnegie Mellon students with the opportunity to share knowledge through educational, self-designed courses. Students can teach classes on any topic of their choice. However, the course cannot be available through regular University offerings. Courses typically meet once a week (for a full semester) and follow the current Carnegie Mellon academic calendar.

Instructors and students receive credit for their work.


  • All CMU students are eligible to teach StuCo courses and to join the Executive Committee that governs StuCo.
  • All currently-enrolled CMU students, staff and community members are eligible to take StuCo courses.

This website is designed to help you learn more about how to teach a class, take a class, or join the Executive Committee. Click here to learn more about StuCo.