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If you are interested in joining the StuCo Committee, please email

Votes: Almost all major decisions relating to StuCo are voted on within the StuCo Committee via majority vote. Only the decision of whether or not to accept a StuCo course proposal is not done this way. The decision of acceptance of a course proposal is made by the majority vote of only the Executive Committee (President, Course Manager, Finance Manager and Public Relations) and the faculty adviser.

Acceptance: All CMU students are elligible to serve StuCo as a General Committee member, automatically. All Executive Committee members (President, Course Manager, Finance Manager and Public Relations) and the faculty adviser must be selected by the current StuCo General Committee by majority vote.

Terms: Executive Committee members serve a 2 semester term. The faculty advisors serve a 4 semester term. General Committee members serve a 1 semester term. People may serve a position for as many terms as they are elected.


The President must coordinate the activities of the StuCo board and StuCo classes. They overlook course selection, interview potential teachers for upcoming classes, ensure that StuCo classes are running smoothly, organize StuCo board meetings, decide agendas, assign responsibilities, manage day to day activities, and ensure that the long term goals of the club are achieved.

The Vice President acts in lieu of the president. They help out with key decisions, come up with new ideas, help the president manage StuCo, and is responsible for achieving StuCo’s long term goals.

The Marketing Directors are responsible for increasing campus awareness of StuCo. They design and distribute flyers around the school and publicize StuCo at periodic club fairs. Their goal is to encourage the campus community to register for classes as well as teach new classes.

The Teacher liaison is the "go-to" person for the StuCo teachers. They ensure that the concerns and questions of the teachers are met. They also ensure that classes are running smoothly. They are required to address any issues teachers may have as well as create opportunities for teachers to join together and share their common interests.

The Web Designer is responsible for the website. They design, maintain, and update the website periodically.

The Secretary keeps minutes of officer meetings. They ensure that the agenda is printed out before meetings and that copies of the minutes are readily available to board members in a timely manner. They are also responsible for maintaining a list of contacts that the organization may use to promote StuCo amongst the community.