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If you are interested in joining the StuCo Executive Committee, please email, or join us at our weekly meetings!


The StuCo Board is responsible for the administration and management of all 98-XXX classes in Carnegie Mellon. It is the only student organization empowered to issue for-credit academic units to students at Carnegie Mellon. All new and recurring student-led courses are audited and approved by the Executive Committee before being made available on the Schedule of Classes, to ensure the continued quality of student-led courses being offered.

The StuCo Board also decides on all policy issues relating to student-led courses, and provides some support for course logistics and promotion.

Board Membership

All Executive Committee members are allowed one vote on all major StuCo Board decisions. Decisions of the board, including for example accepting a new course application, or approving policy changes, are made by majority vote.


In addition, to performing general StuCo Board functions, each Executive Committee member may take on additional roles on the Board. The Executive Committee member in each of these roles is expected to serve for a consecutive 2-semester term. The roles and their responsibilities are outlined as follows:


The President oversees the StuCo Board and is responsible for the smooth overall functioning of the the Executive Committee responsibilities. In addition, the President is the main liaison with the StuCo course administrator, ensuring two-way communication between the StuCo Board and the University. The President also ensures that the long term goals of the StuCo Club are achieved.


The Secretary is the overall-in-charge for responding to inquiries and requests from StuCo course instructors. The Secretary ensures that all StuCo course instructors are kept up to date with the latest policy changes and important deadlines that instructors are required to adhere to. In addition, the Secretary keeps minutes of Board meetings and ensures that discussed information and decisions are disseminated to the entire Board as well as the faculty advisers.

PR Chair

The PR Chair is responsible for increasing campus awareness of StuCo activities. The PR Chair organizes events for both instructors and students, including tabling events for course instructors to advertise their courses to prospective students, and instructor mixer events for course instructors from different courses to meet and exchange ideas and experiences on running their courses.

Design Chair

The Design Chair is responsible for designing StuCo promotional material, including posters for events and other logistics. In addition, the Design Chair also assists StuCo instructors with designing promotional material and visual course content.


The Treasurer manages the budget and all financial activities of the StuCo board. The Treasurer also works with the President to allocate budget across all StuCo events and courses. In addition, the Treasurer also works with the Carnegie Mellon SLICE office to prepare all paperwork related to financial matters.


The Webmaster is responsible for the StuCo website. They design, maintain, and keep the website up to date with the latest policy changes.


Current and Past Board Members

See the full list on the Executive Committee page.