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Change my Andrew Account Password

Important Note for Faculty and Staff:
We recommend that you change your Andrew account password while ON CAMPUS and connected to the campus network.

Follow the steps below to change your Andrew account password:

  1. Log into the Carnegie Mellon Identity Manager.
  2. If prompted, enter your Andrew userID and password, then click Login.
  3. Create a password using the provided steps. Refer to the password requirements when selecting your password.
    Note: When your password is changed a confirmation message appears and an email notification is sent to you.
  4. Log out, then log back into your computer to sync your new password with authenticated services.
    IMPORTANT: If you use a laptop, complete this step before you disconnect from the campus network.

Error Messages

If an error message appears, your new password may not meet the password requirements. Enter a different password into the New Password and Confirm Password fields, then select Change Password.

Set Your Security Questions

We encourage you to set security questions. If you forget your Andrew account password, the self-service utility allows you to create a new password. To set your security questions, log into the Carnegie Mellon Identity Manager, then click Set Security Questions in the upper left corner.

Next Steps

Once you change your password, update the following (if applicable):

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