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Take A Course

Take a Course

If you would like to learn exciting new things from your peers, in an educational setting, then you should take a StuCo course! See the current CMU Undergraduate Course Catalog for more information. 

  • StuCo courses are taught by currently-enrolled CMU students
  • StuCo teachers are required to give final grades for undergraduate students of "P" = "Pass" or "N" = "No Credit"
  • StuCo teachers are required to give final grades for graduate students of "S" = "Satisfactory" or "N" = "No Credit"
  • Students who receive a Pass/Satisfactory final grade receive three (3) Free Elective Units
  • CMU students may use no more than nine (9) Free Elective Units towards degree requirements, per University policy

In order to take a StuCo course, CMU students can register on Student Information Online (SIO).

Other University community members should contact the instructor via email to inform him/her of your desire to attend class, or email with your request. CMU community members who are not students are not eligible for CMU Free Elective Units.