Carnegie Mellon University

Learning Science


Advance CMU's world-leading research in learning science and technology-enhanced learning, and apply it to education at CMU.

  • Create an advanced learning-science ecosystem of human and technological resources to support all faculty in (a) translating state-of-the-art scientific theories of learning into improved instructional designs; (b) collecting and analyzing high-quality learning data; and (c) iteratively improving educational practice in response to learning data.
  • Apply this ecosystem to build out or improve several CMU educational centerpieces, including (but not limited to) writing, statistics, introduction to computer science, calculus and introductory science courses. Implement a learning-science ecosystem as an embedded part of the new Mellon College of Science core education.
  • Help transform education globally by making tools developed at CMU more usable outside the university, and by building new tools to support others in using the CMU learning-science approach in their own educational contexts.