Carnegie Mellon University

An Integrated Graduate Education


Define and deliver an integrated approach to a transformative educational experience for all graduate students.

Although the academic unit and department must remain at the core of the graduate experience, institutional resources and expertise should be leveraged to ensure training, growth and development of the student in multiple dimensions.

  • Commit to a core set of expectations for an integrated graduate student experience across disciplines, programs and levels that ensure a high-quality education, and the support structures and services necessary for students to thrive.
  • Develop a comprehensive graduate strategy to realign resources, policies and campus culture to best meet the needs of the evolving demographics of our graduate population, with particular focus on international students.
  • Facilitate exploration, growth and boundary crossing in graduate experiences in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary contexts.
  • Integrate curricular requirements with existing and new aspects of the metacurriculum, while balancing the complex demands of the graduate experience. Facilitate and fund rich interdisciplinary experiences, such as research seminars; exchanges, internships, I-term engagement; and conference presentations for graduate students to explore the intersections of their disciplines with other emerging opportunities within and beyond academia.
  • Engage graduate students in understanding and addressing the complex needs of a global society, and prepare them for a changing and more diverse workplace.
  • Ready students for the work of tomorrow - not just the skills needed for today.
  • Engage graduate students in work that anticipates and moves ahead of the cutting edge of their fields.