Carnegie Mellon University

Engaging Parents and Family Members


Enhance the meaningful engagement of parents and family members within the Carnegie Mellon community.

Parents and family members play an important role in the growth, development and success of CMU students. The college years are a time of transformation, and developing the life skills necessary to successfully navigate one’s personal affairs is an important outcome of a student’s university experience. Recognizing the unique nature of each individual relationship and family system, students will direct the engagement with parents and other family members about their university experience.

While parents and family members are most likely to be engaged with the university at key transitional periods and celebratory events, numerous opportunities exist for parents’ direct engagement with the Carnegie Mellon community throughout their students’ enrollment and beyond. To support meaningful engagement between the university and parents, we will:

  • Create a shared vision of parent and family engagement by CMU faculty, staff and administrators.
  • Develop a coherent plan for parent and family engagement and communication that anticipates natural transitions.
  • Implement an approach to provide parents and family members with a high-quality experience whenever they are engaged with the university.