Carnegie Mellon University

An "Ecology" of Infrastructure and Support


Develop an “ecology” of infrastructure and support to promote and support excellence in CMU’s research, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship endeavors.

Physical space and its accompanying infrastructure of equipment and support services, provided at the right time and in the right configuration, can be a powerful enabler of research, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Our faculty, staff and students require administrative support and business guidance in pursuing the funding necessary to allow them to develop impactful work, such as center-scale research initiatives. The support must be comprehensive, creative and effective to enable faculty, staff and students to maximize their opportunities.

CMU will develop and implement an “ecology” of infrastructure to provide an inventory of flexible and transitory space and services that can be reconfigured to support research and creative endeavors as they develop and mature. This infrastructure will be shared across the university and will include a variety of space and expertise suited for initiatives of various types and at various stages of development. It will include incubation space, wet laboratories, distance studios and ideation spaces, as well as specialized expertise such as that needed for operating particular equipment. Space will be available for industry to interact with our researchers on collaborative projects.

Perhaps our largest aim is to create a variety of flexible space that students and faculty can use to collaborate, that new ventures can use as rentable space to develop and mature before moving on to more permanent space, and that businesses can use to sponsor projects and collaborate with CMU students and faculty.