Carnegie Mellon University

Best Practices in Diversity and Inclusion


Support diversity and inclusion initiatives with appropriate resources and advance best practices in recruiting from diverse populations.

As CMU strives to recruit outstanding faculty, students and staff, it must continue to set a tone at all levels of leadership that stresses the critical importance of diversity, and hold university leaders and community members accountable for progress.

  • Develop and implement tools and programs to optimize practices in diversity and inclusion throughout the university community.
  • Enhance standards for recruiting practices, including mandatory training in implicit bias for search committees, cross-departmental sharing of finalists to fill vacant positions, and a focus on recruiting diverse personnel at all levels of leadership.
  • Carefully cultivate and mentor existing talent at the undergraduate and graduate levels to broaden pools of prospective candidates for key positions.
  • Identify and institute best practices in student recruitment, admission decision-making and enrollment to recruit a strong and diverse student body.