Strategic Plan 2025

“The result is a plan that you would expect of Carnegie Mellon; it does not look like any other university’s plan, but it does look like CMU—creative, thoughtful, pragmatic, and ambitious.
A plan, of course, is only a beginning.”

Goals for
the Individual Experience

The university is committed to cultivating an active, technology-enhanced, “know how to learn” environment where each individual can grow and thrive. We will remain dedicated to nurturing student, faculty, and staff growth in key areas such as deep disciplinary knowledge; leadership, communications, and interpersonal skills; as well as physical and emotional well-being.

Goals for
the University Community

Carnegie Mellon is widely recognized as a destination for world-class talent from around the globe. We will continue our focus on attracting a diverse and inclusive community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni willing to cross academic boundaries in a culture where innovation, entrepreneurial thinking, and action are valued and fostered.

Goals for
Societal Impact

Our strengths in education, research, and creativity impact the economic and cultural life of the Pittsburgh region, the nation, and the world as we pursue strategic partnerships and focus on solving societal challenges. We will expand our leadership in knowledge creation for the 21st century across our campuses and locations.