Innovative Experiences for Students

Strategic Recommendation

Expand the range of innovative experiences offered for students.

Focus on innovative options beyond the typical classroom experience:

  • Create a more flexible academic calendar, to include an interim term (or “I-Term”).
  • Expand curricular and metacurricular experiential learning programs, including volunteer opportunities in the community and internships.
  • Expand interdisciplinary course, minor, and degree options, including fusion learning experiences such as the Integrative Design, Arts and Technology Network (IDeATe) program.
  • Utilize and align the CMU unit system to continue to advance and redefine the meaning of the term “course” to allow for modularized options, micro and mini course formats, and a more flexible and innovative academic calendar. Leverage CMU’s presence in Washington, D.C.; in Silicon Valley; and across five continents to collaborate with more public and private organizations—especially those with mentoring opportunities from alumni—to create coursework, internships, and other credit-bearing opportunities.