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Overview of the Strategic Planning Process

The 2015 strategic planning process was an enormous effort - one that sought to meaningfully engage all voices from the CMU community and to thoughtfully consider and synthesize their input. The process spanned the academic year from October 2014 through the summer of 2015, and the campus continues to engage in implementation activities and regular updates to the plan. Key accomplishments include the following:

  • Hosting more than a dozen town hall meetings and retreats with unprecedented attendance and interest, in person and via webcast, including open sessions; sessions focused on particular topics such as diversity, international strategy, and teaching and learning; and smaller sessions with university leadership and the board of trustees.
  • Delivering countless presentations to campus groups, departments, schools, administrative units and other interested parties to gather feedback on the plan.
  • Engaging more than 160 campus community members (faculty, staff, students and alumni) on strategic planning committees that have shaped key elements of the plan.
  • Focusing on key community members outside the Pittsburgh campus to gather the broadest possible input, including CMU locations in Silicon Valley, Australia, Qatar and Rwanda.

The Strategic Planning Process by the Numbers


People participated in town hall meetings.


Comments and suggestions were posted to the university’s website.


Strategic plan-related committee and subcommittee meetings were held.


Students, faculty, staff and alumni participated in committees.

The Strategic Plan Timeline


Oct. 16, 2014:

CMU announces kickoff of strategic planning to the Carnegie Mellon community.

Town Halls and Webcasts

NOV. 17 First university-wide
[view presentation slides] (PDF)
JAN. 28 Second university-wide
[view presentation slides] (PDF)
FEB. 3 Staff Council and Faculty Senate no webcast
11 Transformative CMU Experience
[view presentation slides] (PDF)
17 Transformative CMU Research, Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
[view presentation slides] (PDF)
18 Transformative Teaching and Learning
[view presentation slides] (PDF)
MAR. 16 Diversity
[view presentation slides] (PDF)
25 Third university-wide
[view presentation slides] (PDF)
APR. 14 International Programs and Strategy
[view presentation slides] (PDF)
SEPT. 24 Update on CMU’s Strategic Plan
[view presentation slides] (PDF)


DEC. 12 Academic Leadership Council
FEB. 26 Board of Trustees
27 Board of Trustees
APR. 7 Academic Leadership Council

Plan Developments


Plan drafting; review at May Board of Trustees meeting

Revisions and editing, layout and design

Website development

Final review

Plan launch

2016 and Beyond:

Annual progress review and plan update

Reports of the Strategic Planning Committees

Faculty Working Group Report [PDF]